Matt Ox Net Worth 2022: Rapper Age, Gender, Parents, and Money at Stake

Matt Ox


Matt Ox is a young rapper who shot to stardom after launching his career. Matt Ox’s actual name is Matthew Grau, although he goes by the stage name Matt Ox because of his popularity as a musician. With the release of his YouTube hit “Overwhelming,” he became an established rapper and kicked off a successful hip-hop career.

When he was younger, he became more interested in rap and listened to rap music.

The song “Young and Black” by rapper Kendrick Lamar sparked his interest in rapping at four. He was also a big fan of Eminem’s music, and it had a significant impact on him. At the age of twelve, Matt decided to dedicate his life to his aspirations of being a rapper. At seventeen, he is already a well-known rapper with a bright future ahead of him in hip-hop.

There’s no doubt in our minds that he’ll go on to become a household name.

Intimate Relationships: Matt Ox’s Ex-Girlfriend

Due to his young age, many people assume Matt Ox is dating or perhaps has a girlfriend at this point. However, here is where many individuals fail. The answer is yes. There is no one in Matt Ox’s life right now that he is seeing. As far as we know, he doesn’t discuss his personal life in the media.

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Only photos from his concerts and album covers are posted on his social media accounts, mainly Instagram. Furthermore, Matt appears to be more career-focused, as seen by the amount of time he seems to be devoted to honing his skills as a rapper. Like we said before, Matt has been quite secretive about not just his present romantic state but also his previous relationships.

Ox certainly had a lot of females swooning over him because of his attractiveness.

Unfortunately, he never made any public comments about his personal life, including the existence of any romantic relationships or girlfriends.

Age and Date of Birth:

The date of Matt’s birth is December 13, 2004. He was born in Lawncrest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He turns 17 on December 13, which is also his birthday. His horoscope sign is Sagittarius because he was born in December. Optimism, fairness, and honesty are associated with those born under the sign of Sagittarius.

At 5 feet 4 inches, he has brown hair and a medium build.

Matt still has a lot to learn and develop from as a teenager.

Matt Ox’s Mom and Dad

Laurel Grau is Matt’s mother’s name, while his father’s identity remains a mystery. Because his father was mentally sick, he died when he was a child. His mother raised Matt for most of his youth. Laurel, who was just 15 when she gave birth to Matt, had difficulty raising him as a single mother.

Imagine having a child at the tender age of fifteen. Taking care of a mentally ill husband was an added burden.


Matt Ox

When he heard artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Marilyn Manson, Matt Ox was inspired to become a rapper. When he and his uncle went to recording studios, he became more interested in songwriting and singing.

When he was 12, he uploaded the song “Overwhelming” on YouTube and began his professional music career. The song has been seen more than 25 million times as of this writing. Warner Bros Label was the record label name he signed in 2017. A slew of his tracks was released under the label in 2017.

Ox was the title of his debut studio album, released in 2018. He also collaborated with XXX Tentacion on a song called “$$$” 2018, released in 2018.

Matt Ox Salary and Earnings Summary

With his clothing brand, he’s been able to increase his value. Estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million has been placed on his career. Ox also stated that Drake had bid $150,000 on one of his tracks, “Message,” before publication.

Matt rejected Drake’s offer. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which indicates that he’s a social media user. Matt’s Instagram account has more than 550k followers, while his Twitter account has roughly 32k. In the meantime, he has 14k fans on his Facebook page.

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