Matthew Rondeau: By the year 2022, How Much Money will Matthew Rondeau be Worth?

Matthew Rondeau: By the year 2022, How Much Money will Matthew Rondeau be Worth?


A frightening video of Matthew Rondeau’s on-and-off girlfriend Shanna Moakler yelling violently at him on social media has raised questions about the model’s net worth and work.

What is the Estimated Net Worth of Matthew Rondeau?

In spite of the fact that the exact amount of Matthew Rondeau’s wealth is unclear, media reports have suggested that it is in the neighbourhood of $400,000. As he explains in his Instagram bio, he is an actor, model and poker player, as well as a chef, entrepreneur and investor.

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When Matthew Rondeau posted a four-minute video of himself ranting about Shanna Moakler on Instagram on February 24, he used a barrage of expletives to accuse Moakler of cheating. The claims against Moakler have been refuted by the man himself. Later, it appears that the former beauty queen’s Instagram account was breached by him, allowing him to post the footage there. During the video, he claimed, “By the way, I make more money than she does.” As a result, it has been taken down.


For her long career as a beauty queen, model, and actor, Moakler’s estimated net worth is $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. There is a son with Travis Barker, with whom she has two children, Landon and Alabama. She also starred on the MTV reality show Meet the Barkers when she was married to Travis.

Matthew Rondeau’s assertion that he made a large sum of money was not the only one he made in the stunning video.

His rage stemmed from his friendship with Shanna. He proclaimed, “Quote me on that, this is f—king done.” There has been no other time in the victim’s life when she has felt so degraded and mistreated.

Personal Life of Matthew Rondeau

When asked about her behaviour, he said she was “talking to her ex-boyfriends and married couples.” It was pointed out to him that a Rhode Island native had stayed the night before at a residence across the street. She says, “She ain’t over Travis.” That doesn’t mean she’s moved on from the experience yet. It was at this point that his diatribe turned into a full-blown attack. In other words: “I’m not f—king drunk; I’m not even on anything.” I’m devastated beyond words… The last time you’ll see me is in your dreams. We can call that a wrap because I won’t be speaking to her again. I’ve had it with her for the time being. My sole goal is for you to be familiar with the identity of this woman.”

Matthew Rondeau

A “sociopath” and “whore,” among other offensive names, were used repeatedly by Matthew Rondeau in his film.

In the middle of all the commotion, a source tells Us Weekly that Matthew Rondeau is “changing the tale” about their split. “She’d never sleep with a married man,” a friend said. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. She wasn’t having an affair with Matthew, according to the insider.

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