Meadow Walker, Paul Walker’s daughter, marries and is escorted down the aisle by Vin Diesel.

Meadow Walker

Meadow Walker, a 22-year-old model and the late actor Paul Walker’s daughter, is now married!! The word that she had married her fiance LOUIS THORNTON ALLEN made the rounds on Friday, October 22.

Louis is a British American actor, model, Instagram personality, and entrepreneur who was born in England at the age of 24.


Meadow Walker’s godfather, Vin Diesel, is a well-known figure who worked alongside Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious trilogy.

Vin Diesel’s daughter and wife were also present at the ceremony.

Sadly, Paul Walker did not survive long enough to see the rest of the franchise’s films.

Meadow was then married to Louis Thornton Allen, and Vin Diesel stepped in to fill his friend’s shoes by escorting her down the aisle.

Meadow Walker About the Wedding Ceremony

Meadow Walker

The wedding took place in the Dominican Republic, which is located in North America.

Because it was situated on a beach, the ceremony had a full view of the beach.

The attractive 22-year-old model released a video on her Instagram profile with the message “we’re married,” the video was in black and white, and other celebs and visitors can be seen in the video alongside Meadow and Louis.

Guests wished the newlyweds well and bestowed their blessings.

We can see fans and celebrities applauding them even on the post.

For this lovely and solemn occasion, she wore a Givenchy white backless gown with a veil, which added to the garment’s appeal. According to reports, the director of Givenchy’s design team stated, “created a dress that truly let her personality show through.”

Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton Allen appeared to be in good spirits during the wedding ceremony, and we wish the newlywed pair continued happiness for the rest of their lives.

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