Mike Finnegan Net Worth 2022: Details about His Family and Personal Life.

Mike Finnegan


Mike Finnegan is a well-known TV personality and producer from the United States who is also a vehicle function Object() { [native code] }. Faster with Finnegan and Roadkill, the programs he presents may have already made you familiar with him. In addition, he has a YouTube account called Finnegan’s Garage, where he shows videos of himself working on vehicles.

Mike Finnegan has been employed with Motor Trend for ten years. Let’s look at his life, including his work, wealth, TV appearances, and personal life. To learn more about Mike Finnegan and his television shows, keep reading.

To whom is Mike Finnegan?

An accomplished boat racer, Mike Finnegan is also a talented fabricator. He has honed his skills in the automotive business throughout his long career. Mike received an Associate of Arts degree from Orange Country College.

He went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Art later in life. He began writing articles after finishing college to supplement his income as a writer for automotive publications like Truckin. As far as we know, he hasn’t revealed anything else, but we may infer that he has had some experience working in garages.

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Information about his Professional background.

Mike began his career in Laguna Hills, California. He installed things like vehicle stereos and alarm systems while he was there. In 2010 he was employed by Motor Trend. He and his pals purchase low-cost automobiles, patch them up, and then race in them. In addition to David Freiburger, Mike appeared in the Automotive Program titled Roadkill. Faster with Finnegan was named after Mike.

Approximately how old is Mike Finnegan?

In a video he posted on YouTube two years ago, he indicated that he had recently turned 42, putting his age at 44 in 2020.

The Wife

There is no doubt that Mike Finnegan is a married man with two boys. A snapshot of his kid and another of their wedding day were the only things we saw on social media before he died. Mike and his wife exchanged vows on the 18th of September 2005. The newlyweds appeared to be inseparable. Despite this, Mike hasn’t gone into further information regarding them. As soon as we get additional information from him, we’ll let you know.

The size of his fortune.

Mike Finnegan

In addition to his employment and television program, Mike earns money. We don’t know for sure how much he makes. He must have grown in size and wealth for all the time he has worked in the automobile sector.

Finnegan’s Garage has 653K subscribers and 56,534,307 total views as of this writing. Advertising on his channel is a cinch because of this. It is also likely that he makes money via his YouTube channel.

According to reports, Mike Finnegan is worth close to $3 million.

It shows on television.


The 17th of February 2012 saw the debut of this automotive documentary, which may be seen on the Motor Trend Streaming Service. A few years ago, fans could stream the show without paying, but today you must do so. It included Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger, who appeared in the front. Roadkill Garage, Faster with Finnegan, and Roadkill’s Junkyard Gold are the three spin-off programs.

Finnegan makes the process go more quickly.

Mike Cotton collaborates on automobile repairs and modifications alongside Finnegan and David Newbern. The majority of the vehicles they work on have already appeared on Roadkill.

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