A Look Back At Millie Bobby Brown’s Past Relationships

A Look Back At Millie Bobby Brown’s Past Relationships

Millie Bobby Brown’s Latest News: Millie Bobby Brown had been in the news several times as a teenager because of her romances. While some “Stranger Things” viewers may find her on-screen romance with co-star Finn Wolfhard compelling and adorable, the two have never been more than co-workers.

Jacob Sartorius, the “Chapstick” singer, was linked to her in 2017. Brown wore a joyful smile while resting her head on Sartorius’ shoulder in a snapshot released on her Instagram Stories on December 31, 2017.

They rang in the New Year together at Walt Disney World, according to Us Weekly, after a few amorous conversations on Instagram, but the relationship ended in July 2018. Brown stated that their friendship was “totally reciprocal” and that they intended to be friends (via People). Sartorius and Brown resurfaced on social media in January 2019 wearing the same shirt in different IG photos. If there was a reconciliation, though, it did not last long.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown Relationships

Brown and British rugby player Jason Robinson’s son Joseph Robinson confirmed their relationship in January 2020, despite The Sun reported in March 2019 that he was dating David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham.

Joseph apparently met Brown on a trip to the Maldives ahead of the winter holidays and published a mirror photo with his arms circling around her waist on Snapchat. According to sources, they split up in August 2020 due to their hectic commitments.

Brown is alleged to have dated TikTok Hunter “Echo” Acimovic in 2020 when they were 16 and 20 years old. He kissed Brown in photos on social media, and they were spotted together in an Instagram Live session. He made sexually explicit statements about Brown’s relationship and admitted to have “groomed” her.

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He was originally unrepentant, claiming that Brown’s parents were unconcerned about their connection and that he even lived with her for eight months. Echo seemed to try to offset the damage after being notified by TMZ by posting a now-deleted apology video on TikTok.

Brown posted a snapshot to her Instagram Stories on July 10 with her arm slung over Bongiovi’s neck and her cheek placed on his forehead.