My Hero One’s Justice: Villains we’d want to see in the game again

My hero One’s Justice

My Hero One’s Justice is based on the My Hero Academia superhero series, which premiered in March 2020. In contrast to what we generally see centred around Quirks and Villains, this video game offered a new perspective on powers. Justice 3 from My Hero One is set to be released next year. I’m crossing my fingers. Because it is a technologically advanced game, it is planned to be released for PS5, Xbox One XIS, Nintendo Switch, Windows, PS4, and Xbox 360. Now for the game’s most exciting premise: the judged deserving villains to be found in the game.

My hero One’s Justice: Villains we want to see again in the game

My hero One’s Justice

HOOD — Hood possesses a number of unique abilities, including tremendous strength, speed, flying, regeneration, shoulder-mounted jets, and the ability to shapeshift its arms for assault. He may only need the capacity to be invisible in order to be a superhero, but his crucial role in Season 4 makes us eager to see him again.

SPINNER IGUCHI – He’s been a bit of a sidekick in the villains’ squad thus far, but that may change if he gets some well-deserved attention. Gecko is his peculiarity, a mutation that gives him a lizard-like look and allows him to slither around walls. His Quirk grants him unrivalled speed, allowing him to outrun his opponents.

GET – He’s a Meta Liberation Army member. His unexplained quirk grants him the ability to manipulate any ice within a large radius, as well as the ability to freeze any water resources. What a fantastic idea! He fought alongside the troops in the Villain Academia and was amazing. One can only imagine what he could accomplish next with his superpower, and we’ll have to wait till we see him again to witness it in action.

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RIKIYA YOTSUBASHI/RE-DESTRO – He is the commander of the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains’ main opponent. He aspires to Destro’s values. His peculiarity is stress, which allows him to transform bad emotions into raw athletic abilities, and we’d want to see more of this.

TOMURA SHIGARAKI — Shigaraki is set free at the end of Season 5. He reflects on his acts and awakens his full might, obtaining abilities beyond his wildest dreams, and transforming into a villain capable of wreaking havoc. He’d undoubtedly be included since he stinks of mayhem and destruction, which is exactly what a villain should be.

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