Nikki Delventhal Net Worth 2022: Her Wealth Is Shockingly Low

Nikki Delventhal


Nikki Delventhal is an American Photographer who was born in 1989. She is known for her work photographing celebrities and fashion. Nikki has worked with magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and W. In 2012; she was featured in the prestigious “30 Under 30” list by Forbes Magazine. Nikki Delventhal is the daughter of two fashion photographers, Bill Delventhal and Jillian Delventhal. She initially wanted to become a model but decided to pursue photography instead. Currently, she is based in New York City.

Early life and education

Nikki Delventhal, or NikaD as commonly known, is a popular YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers and over 180 million video views. Despite her young age (19 years old), Nikki has amassed an impressive net worth through her YouTube channel and various other ventures. In 2017, Forbes estimated Nikki’s net worth at $2 million. Her primary revenue source comes from advertising revenue from her videos, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

How Nikki Delventhal started her Career

She began her YouTube channel in 2013 and has since amassed over 2 million subscribers. Her content focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips. Delventhal has also been featured on NBC’s “Today Show” and “Good Morning America.

In 2016, Delventhal began to post videos on her Instagram account. On March 24, 2017, she posted a video of herself and other YouTubers in Times Square for an “Instagram Live” video.

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Net worth

Nikki Delventhal is a popular YouTuber with an estimated net worth of $1 million. She started her channel in 2014 and has since made numerous videos about various topics, including fashion, travel, and cooking. Her popularity has led to appearances on multiple television shows and magazine covers.

Personal Life:  

Born and raised in California, Nikki started uploading videos to her channel in 2016 and quickly gained a following for her candid lifestyle reviews and vlogs. Her channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 150 million video views. In addition to her YouTube channel, Nikki also runs a blog and produces content for other platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Nikki Delventhal


Nikki Delventhal is a young woman who has faced many challenges in her life. She was born with a cleft lip and palate, and she also has a hearing impairment. Despite these challenges, Nikki has accomplished a great deal. She is a college graduate and has also started her own business. Nikki is an inspiration to others who are facing difficulties in their lives.


What does Nikki delventhal do for a living?

Ans: As a seasonal tour guide for teens, I’ve worked in over 20 countries as a travel consultant and planner for hundreds of families, and now I travel the world, working remotely throughout the year!

Who is Nikki delventhal?

Ans: One of the most well-known YouTubers and nomads is Nikki Delventhal. She got famous for living in a car all the time. Nikki Delventhal is the name of her YouTube channel.

Where is Nikki Delventhal from?

Ans: Fairfield, Connecticut

Nikki Delventhal was born on January 5, 1989, in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

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