Odd Taxi Season 2: Renewal Depends On the Movie Needs to be a Big Hit!

Odd Taxi Season 2 News


The future of Odd Taxi Season 2 is directly tied to the box office performance of the film! Detailed plot information! What is an anime series that has sold millions of copies but has yet to return?

Odd Taxi Season 2 is probably one of the most anticipated television shows presently on the air. ” As of right present, the popular anime has not returned.

Odd Taxi Season 2

The good news is that a movie called Odd Taxi: Into the Woods has been confirmed by the producers. In addition, Hirofumi Ito, the show’s producer, revealed a crucial plot point in a recent interview. Is there a date for the return of the mystery cab journey? Everything you need to know may be found here.

The manga series Odd Taxi served as the inspiration for the anime series of the same name. The show’s scripts are tight, and it’s planned to be 13 episodes long. Studio OLM and P.I.C.S. produced the anime version of the manga.

The primary character of the anime is Odokawa, a walrus cab driver. It is a 41-year-old man who transports people to their destinations. One day he finds himself in the midst of a mystery pursuit.

Renewal Status for Odd Taxi Season 2! Is It on the Way?

Odd Taxi Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed by the show’s creators, but an interview at an event has revealed a lot about the upcoming season.

All of this occurred at an AnimeJapan 2022 promotional event for a forthcoming film. During the stage event, the host, Takanori Nishikawa, inquired about the Odd Taxi Season 2 to its producer following its peak achievement.

The supporters were satisfied even if the explanation was not obvious. Hirofumi Ito, the anime’s producer, stated that the success of the film will be the only factor in the success of the anime.

In light of the massive success of the anime, it is quite probable that the future film will be a chart-topper as well. As a result, if all goes according to plan, the show will be back. It is important to note that the series ended on a cliffhanger, which ensures that there will be Odd Taxi Season 2 if the film does well.

Some viewers, on the other hand, don’t think the show needs Odd Taxi Season 2 since the series’ great ending will elevate it to the status of a masterpiece.

Season 2 of Odd Taxi: Production Updates!

There is currently no word on the status of the show’s production. However, if the film is a hit as promised by the producer, the work will begin shortly. Furthermore, the series seems unlikely to begin animation this soon, given that the film is scheduled for release in April 2022.

The first step is for the author to compose a sufficient number of chapters and to expand the collection. As a result, the road ahead looks lengthy. Everything is also subject to change based on the next endeavours of the individuals involved. Since the show won’t be back for a long time, it’s best for fans to hold off.

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Exactly How Much Primary Source Material Is Currently Available?

There isn’t enough content for another season at this moment. In the first season, much of the manga’s content was included. Manga artist Kazuya Konomoto, on the other hand, has not finished the series yet. As a result, this might be encouraging news for the film’s eager followers.

Only four volumes of the manga were converted into 13 episodes of the anime. As a result, the author will have to restart the mystery series from scratch. Kazuya began writing in January 2021 and completed four volumes. A year or more of jotting down information for another good season might be expected.

Detailed plot information!

Odd Taxi Season 2 is in a unique position because there aren’t many more chapters to be adapted, thus anything is possible moving forward. No questions were addressed, and the audience was allowed to fill in the blanks.

This was one of the finest anime endings I’ve ever seen. Odokawa’s fate, on the other hand, remains a mystery. Despite this, many followers believe him to be a deceased person.

Odd Taxi Season 2 News

It’s worth noting that none of this detracts from the show’s tension, which will only heighten with the arrival of a new season. Many Redditors have expressed their desire to start anew with a fresh character.

It’s been argued that the details of Odakawa’s life should be preserved. In addition, more of these plotlines should be introduced each season. However, the show’s title is the most important factor that might prevent this from occurring.

Odd Taxi Season 2 will almost certainly continue the search for Odahawa. Even if the fans strongly oppose it, the creators may instead opt to produce an OVA series of a shorter length. In the OVA, secondary characters’ stories may be explored.

Tanaka’s return to sanity and Shibagaki’s rise to fame intrigue some of her admirers. A storey with a new protagonist is, on the other hand, strongly recommended.

A release date for the second season of Odd Taxi

Most people think the first season accomplished everything it needed to, and don’t want more. Ito, however, says that the film will decide whether or not the anime will return

. As a result, Odd Taxi Season 2 will most likely be released in the early years of 2024 for eager viewers. Crunchyroll has the first season of the series available for streaming. To stay up to current on the latest anime news, visit The Anime Daily often.

It has not yet been revealed if Odd Taxi Season 2 of World’s End Harem is in the works. Furthermore, as the first season has just concluded, the production of the second season may begin within a short period of time. A series might take anything from 9 to 11 months to make.

However, the number of employees allocated to the job is usually a determining factor. Each episode may take a studio up to three months to produce. An additional point of interest is the sudden and highly publicised postponement of Season 1 of World’s End Harem following the premiere of the show’s premiere episode.

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