Omb Jay Dee Net Worth 2022- Birth date, Full Name, Instagram handle, Girlfriend, and estimated Wealth.

Omb Jay Dee Net Worth 2022- Birth date, Full Name, Instagram handle, Girlfriend, and estimated Wealth.


Omb Jay Dee Net Worth: Famous for hits including “ABC News,” “Famous & Dangerous,” “Wit The Rips,” “Boomer,” and “Pain,” OMB Jay Dee is a popular American rapper and musician. His music has racked up thousands of YouTube views and is accessible on other streaming services as well.

There is a YouTube channel devoted to OMB Jay Dee’s music, also known as OMB Jay Dee, and it has roughly 721 subscribers. But he hasn’t shared any videos on his channel yet. Keep reading if you’re interested in discovering some surprising information about the rapper.

Omb Jay Dee Net Worth

Early Life

Rapper and singer OMB Jay Dee is a household name in the United States (such as ABC News, Famous and Dangerous, Rift of Wit, Boomerang, and Pain). His music has been streamed and liked by the thousands on YouTube and can be found on other sites as well.

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Under his stage name, OMB Jay Dee has also launched a YouTube account.

The vast majority of his music is hosted on SoundCloud and YouTube. More than a million people have seen his music videos.

Swish’s most recent project, Watchu Like, has him teaming up with several different musicians.

Omb Jay Dee Net Worth

Omb Jaydee News

Take a look at the most recent figures we have on Jay Dee’s wealth and income as of the year 2021 below.

Net Worth of Jay Dee in 2021: $1–$5 Million (Approx.)


After a successful high school career, Jay Dee is now college-educated. Later, Jay Dee completed his Bachelor’s degree in a public university in the United States.

Jay Dee Wikimedia

There is no missing information in this comprehensive article about Jay Dee as outlined in Wikipedia.


To this day, their Jay Dee relationship is still going strong. As of yet, there are no red flags in the Jay Dee connection. The feelings of love and admiration between Jay Dee and their spouse are still very much alive and well.

Omb Jaydee Age

Jay Dee: Height, Weight, and Other Stats

  • CEO Jay Dee I am 5 feet and 8 inches tall.
  • Weight: 68 KG for OMB Jay Dee

Jay Dee, has excellent stature and proportions. Weight-wise, Jay Dee is just right for his stature.

Social Media Jay Dee

In only a few short months, Jay Dee has amassed thousands of devoted fans across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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