One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More

One Piece Chapter 1023

One Piece Chapter 1023 Updates: The hit series One Piece Chapter 1023 will be released on August 29, at 11 AM EST. It will be released at different time levels worldwide so the audiences of different global levels can enjoy it. The fans are mostly waiting for the new storyline for coming out of One Piece Chapter 1023.

The characters Zoro and Sanji will be coming back in this Chapter 1023 and this storey will focus on the battle against Kaido’s strongest men. The raw scans are released along with the chapter brief. The storyline will be very important as it will be revealing more and more interesting facts.

One Piece Chapter 1023 will begin with characters Zoro and Sanji facing the King and Queen while they lie on the ground. Chopper and assistant of Beast Pirates are amazed to watch Mink’s medical effect on the King and Queen.

Kawamatsu defeats Zoro in the fight of One Piece Chapter 1023. The main scene is the climax when one of the junior Beast Pirates aims his gun towards Zoro. Hyogorou gives the order to everybody that they will not disturb Zoro and Sanji when they are fighting against the King and Queen.

One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1023

Meanwhile, Macron starts to recall what Whitehead has said to him. When he was engrossed in his thoughts, one of the Beast Pirates started firing at him. But luckily he was saved by You, who arrived on time. You started firing against Beast Pirates and vacant the place with Macro.

As we saw the changes in Queen, Sanji, and Zoro in the battle, it shows that One Piece Chapter 1023 will depict an intense battle between them. The Queen raps after returning from the battle and while they were busy speaking, King attacked Zoro but luckily Zoro stopped the attack with his sword.

The Queen tried to use this opportunity by using a new technique called “Bridal Grapper.” She converts the claws of her ponytail into a burning claw. But Sanji stepped into that claw and block the attack by giving a burning.

The Chapter will also focus on the fighting of Jack and Inuarashi fight on the second floor and the same floor Raizo and Fukurokuju are still fighting. Fans are super excited to view this chapter with new storylines.

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