One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers: The title has been revealed

One Piece Chapter 999

One Piece Chapter 999 Update: Manga lovers have been eagerly anticipating the publication of One Piece Chapter 999 for the past two days.

The whole overview of this upcoming chapter is now available on the internet. Raw and manga scans are still being anticipated by manga fans.

Let’s get some more updates.

The title of Chapter999 is ‘The waiting liquor I brewed for you.’

This chapter will detail what Big Mom did for Captain Kaido of the Beast Pirates, which rendered him permanently beholden to her. Big Mom and the Beast Pirates are two of One Piece’s most powerful characters.

gyrozepp95 and Korean insiders’ fanaticism already have an idea of the intricacies of the future chapter thanks to Redon’s observations. Big Mom and Kaido’s background will be revealed in the next chapter. Big Mom and Kaido’s hidden relationship will be uncovered.

The bulk of the chapter, according to a show spoiler, is centred on the Emperors of the Sea conversing on the roof of the Skull Dome while waiting for Luffy. Kaido begs Charlotte Pudding to spare Nico Robin and wonders if he is capable of understanding the ancient books.

Another preview shows Portgas Ace rushing to the Land of Wano, specifically Onigashima, to rescue the children kidnapped by Kaido’s henchmen on the mainland. The Beasts Pirates voyage when Ace travelled to Onigashima was also revealed by the spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 999

IBT reported, One Piece Chapter 999 conjectured to a plaudit about Ace.

Marco will notice that he is thinking about Ace. The chapter depicts Marco, the Phoenix, and Roronoa Zoro soaring toward the roof of the Skull Dome.

The appearance of a stronger version of King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague is revealed in the teaser. They’d be waiting to stop them from getting to their destination.

This season, the conflict between Monkey D Luffy’s and Kaido’s allies in Onigashima will intensify. Onigashima will host a clash between members of the Straw Hat Pirates and Tobi Roppo or the Flying Six Kaido.

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The episode will air on December 20th. It’s available on VIZ Media, Manga Plus, and the official Shonen Jump websites and platforms.

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