One Piece Reveals Kaido’s Strength’s Hidden Secret

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One Piece Updates: The last episode of the series revealed a sinister key to Kaido’s immense strength. When Kaido initially appeared in Eiichiro Oda’s original manga series, he was already shown as an immortal, regardless of how much harm he tried to inflict on himself.

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We saw that he had super-rugged skin all over his body as we got to know him better. Although this first looked to be the result of his Devil-Fruit skills, the series’ most recent chapter reveals a type crucial to his ability.

Luffy had been training how to effectively breach Kaido’s thick skin with his power since the Wano Country arc, and while it looked like he had discovered a means to injure him thanks to Ryou, it wasn’t until the show’s most recent chapter that Luffy completely comprehended how Kaido battled.

Luffy finds Kaido’s key is the Supreme King Haki embedded in all of his assaults after witnessing Zoro effectively harm Kaido by using the Color of the Supreme King Haki.

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In Chapter 1010 of the series, Zoro successfully channels the Supreme King Haki into his sword, and with it, Kaido is effectively harmed for the first time since they began fighting on the top of Onigashima’s Skull Dome.

Luffy deduces that Kaido is utilising his Haki in the same manner as Ryou based on the facts he gathered about Ryou during his Sumo Inferno training with Hyogoro.

After getting a hit from his club, Luffy asks Kaido whether he’s mixing his attacks with this Supreme King Haki. Luffy then takes Kaido off guard by executing the aforementioned, which Kaido smiles and shares.

When the two Hakis collide, it’s revealed that they’re fighting each other while never colliding, which is comparable to a Ryou strategy Luffy had used before.

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Kaido used to be a strong foe, but now that Luffy has found out his strategy, Kaido is a little more vulnerable to defeat than before. It isn’t necessarily what will win the battle for Luffy at the end of each day, but it will be a huge step toward eventually beating Kaido if Luffy can keep it up.

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