Onyx Equinox: A new teaser has been released by Company.

Onyx Equinox

Onyx Equinox is an upcoming American animated web series produced by Sofia Alexander for Crunchyroll, where she also works as an executive producer. It’s a Crunchyroll original series that’s ready to air as soon as possible.

This series’ new teaser has been posted. After seeing the Equinox teaser, several fans of the German series saw the parallels between Dark and Equinox, with one fan wondering if Equinox is a Dark continuation or remake.

On November 23, the Equinox series teaser was revealed.

Equinox gives us a first peek at a new supernatural thriller set in alternate universes. This is the second Danish Netflix Original series, and it will premiere on December 30, 2020, globally.

Onyx Equinox

The plot of Onyx Equinox:

It is based on a scientific fantasy adventure, action, and adventure series. The story of Onyx Equinox takes place in Mesoamerica at the dawn of civilization. Cruel gods and man-eating monsters like roaming free.

Every person’s race’s survival is contingent on a wager made between the gods, the outcome of which will determine if mankind is worthy and for a lifetime.

Izel, a little child chosen by the deity to represent humanity in their vengeful game. His mission as the star is to defend his world’s whole population from otherworldly creatures.

They are, however, introducing many new and supporting characters for the series, as well as their actors’ voices – Olivia Brown as Izel, Alejandro Vargas-Lugo as Yaotl, Carolina Ravassa as Zyanya, Kimberley Woods as Xanastaku, Patrick Pedraza as Yun, Sofia Alexander as Nelli, Zeus Mendoza as Quiet Zalcoatl, and many more.

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Equinox’s Overview:

Crunchyroll is a series that is both intriguing and daring. Izel, a young Aztec boy who is spared from death by the gods and selected to be ‘Humanity’s Champion,’ is compelled to overcome his apathy for his fellow man and show mankind’s potential on a trip that will take him across ancient Mesoamerica.

After all, it is up to the audience to see how their destinies turn out and what occurs on the journey to the barrier when the anime is released. It was officially announced that the film will be released this summer.

It may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the release date has been set for November 21, 2020. Because it will be available in English, viewers will have additional possibilities to watch in different languages. This series piqued their interest even further. Keep an eye out for additional information.

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