Ozark Season 4: Ruth Reveals Her Father’s Dark Past

Ozark Season 4

Ozark season 4 Updated: Many fans have speculated on what the narrative may be as they wait for Ozark’s highly anticipated return to Netflix with season four. Viewers speculated that Ruth Langmore’s (Julia Garner) odd relationship with her father Cade Langmore will be revealed in the following season (Trevor Long).

Ruth made her first appearance in season one when Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) enlisted her help in laundering money for the Mexican cartel. Because she was an Ozark native with a criminal past, he assumed her knowledge and experience would be beneficial.

She revealed during the series that her father, Cade, had been associated with law enforcement since she was a child and was in jail when the first episode aired.

Fans saw some weird features of his relationship with his daughter when he was released from prison and attempted to reintegrate into his life with her. Cade died in the season two finale when Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) had had enough of his shenanigans and handed him $500,000 to flee the Ozarks.

Wendy had set him up and handed him cartel money, putting him in the crosshairs of a hitman acting as a motorist, unknown to him.

Ozark season 4: What Ruth Shared?

Ozark Season 4

In the last minutes of the episode, Ruth went to the morgue to visit her father’s body, and what she did next made viewers doubt their relationship. While her father’s body was being placed on the table, Ruth kissed him on the lips for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Ozark season 4: Ruth had a tough relationship with her uncles, and she didn’t hesitate to murder them when she suspected them of being involved in a money laundering scheme. As a result of this, Ruth and her cousin Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan), who was enraged that she killed his father, developed a large and devastating rift.

When Marty failed to protect Ruth from Frank Cosgrove Jr (Joseph Sikora) in Season 3, Ruth left Marty and joined forces with Darlene.

Ozark season 4: When Darlene discovered out, she shot him in the genitals and took Ruth in; supporters believe she is now working against Marty, as Darlene is his foe. This might also suggest a reunion and rekindling of Ruth and Wyatt’s relationship, which could lead to a debate about Cade.

Season four will reveal if this theory is right and whether the evidence points to a darker history between Ruth and Cade.

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