Peach Boy Riverside Season 2: Production Updates and Release Dates

Peach Boy Riverside Season 2

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Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 Production Update – Coolkyousinnjya’s Peach Boy Riverside is a Japanese manga series that debuted in January 2008 and is written and drawn by him. Coolkyousinnjya wrote the series, which was published by Neetsha in the magazine Weekly Young VIP. The original author wrote a remake of the magazine, which was published by Kodansha in the magazine shonen magazine R and magazine pocket, which came out in August 2015 with ten volumes.

The series was directed by Shigeru Ueda and written by Keiichiro Ochi, and it premiered on July 1, 2021, and ran for 12 episodes until September 16, 2021.

Momotaro is a Japanese folktale that inspired the series. The storey follows a man who is born from a peach floating down a river and grows up to be the saviour of his hometown after defeating demons known as oni who come knocking on the door threatening the lives of everyone in the kingdom. The kingdom is saved by a lone traveller named Kibitsu Mikoto, who uses the mysterious “peach eye” to slay these demons.

Story of Peach Boy Riverside Season 2

Peach Boy Riverside Season 2


Saltorine Aldike, or Sally, was a princess on a quest to discover the person known as Kibitsu Mikoto. Traveling throughout the world taught her a lot of things she didn’t know before, including the truth about oni and their propensity to wipe mankind out.

Sally has a weird talent that allows her to resemble a peach, giving her superhuman skills capable of fighting oni, but she does not discriminate between humans, Demi-humans, and oni since she believes that peace between the three factions is possible. Mikoto, on the other hand, who shares Sally’s powers but has more knowledge, has a different aim.

Mikoto is hell-bent on putting an end to Oni’s life and will go to any length to do it. As Sally and Mikoto continue, the oni’s power is going to shift from coexistence to annihilation.

About Peach Boy Riverside Season 2

According to the most recent update from Kodansha studio, neither Asahi production nor any other entity involved in the production of the anime has confirmed the Peach Boy Riverside Season 2.

In this season, Sally comes to terms with her abilities and decides to embark on a month-long journey to Legedia, where discrimination based on race is prohibited, where she meets various types of oni and attempts to make peace with them.

Meanwhile, roams, a popular oni, is on the lookout for Sally and wants to take her head in order to boost his popularity because she is a peach girl capable of destroying all oni.

According to the author, the Manga’s chronological sequence is different from the series’ because the series wouldn’t work if it followed the Manga’s chronological order, which would make it less fascinating and a far way from the original work. Let’s hoping Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 is out soon.

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