Peter Artemiev Net Worth 2022: Pilot Biography, Spouse, Children, Parents, Ethnicity

Peter Artemiev


Peter Artemiev was born between 1987 and 1991. He is an American celebrity husband, professional pilot, and businessman from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, in the United States. Julia Fox’s husband, Peter, is a household name in the United States. Julia is a well-known Italian-American actress and director, according to Wikipedia. For her appearance as Julia De Fiore in the film Uncut Gems, she has gained a cult following.

In addition to this, Julia worked on several other films. Artemiev, her spouse, is a pilot, so that’s everything we know about him. Julia said on Instagram in December 2021 that Peter is not a good father, according to the sources.

She also spoke with Peter, the alcoholic father who was a deadbeat. According to reliable sources, Julia Fox and rapper Kanye West were spotted on a date in New York City in January 2022. Today, we speak about Julia Fox’s spouse, Peter Artemiev’s age, biography, wiki, family, parents, girlfriend, wife, kid, career, and information.

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Peter Artemiev is Julia Fox‘s husband.

According to the reports, Peter Artemiev is a pilot. In Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach, he worked as a private pilot. He also underwent pilot training in New York.

Apart from this, Peter is widely recognized as the spouse of actress Julia Fox. In November of this year, the pair were married. However, Peter does not belong to the entertainment business.

History of Peter Artemiev (Early Life & Education)

Peter Artemiev, Julia Fox’s spouse, was born in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, United States, between 1987 and 1991. Media outlets have no idea of his actual birth date. According to our findings, Peter is in his late 30s or early 40s (as of 2021). He and Julia are about the same age.

Peter grew up in Brooklyn with a member of his family. Peter had always wanted to be a pilot, and he achieved his goal. Sources claim that Artemiev graduated from a local high school with a diploma in “basic studies.”. Later, he pursued his boyhood ambition of attending a prestigious university. Being a professional pilot is the result of his dedication and hard work.

This is the Artemiev clan: (Nationality & Ethnicity)

The online encyclopedia dedicated to Peter Artemiev. It is said that Artemiev was born into a well-off family, according to the sources. His parents and siblings are unknown at this time.

According to our findings, Peter is his parents’ oldest kid. His father, it’s been reported, is a company owner. His mother is a stay-at-home mom. White Caucasian is Peter’s ethnicity. He adheres to the Christian faith.

Married Life of Peter Artemiev Wife/Girlfriend

Peter Artemiev

Fox is a well-known American actress best remembered for her role in Uncut Gems to give you some background. After marrying Julia Fox, Peter became a household name in the United States. According to Wikipedia, Peter and Julia were married in November of 2018, according to the couple’s official website. Despite this, it isn’t clear when they initially met.

Valentino was born in February 2021, the son of Peter and Julia Fox. Julia dubbed her father, Peter, a deadbeat. Once Julia had been on Instagram for some time, she accused Artemiev of being a lousy father. In the days leading up to Christmas in the year 2021, she shared these thoughts on her Instagram story.

Career, Professions & Lifestyle of Peter Artemiev: The Russian Pilot

Peter Artemiev is an experienced pilot. Peter began pilot training after finishing his university degree. He learned to fly with the help of experienced pilots.

Peter becomes a licensed private pilot after finishing his training. He is currently employed in Brooklyn. In addition, Peter is a businessman and an investor. In addition, Artemiev and his wife Julia have attended several award ceremonies.

Net Worth, Income and Lifestyle of eter Artémiev

Peter, a skilled pilot, makes a nice living from his work. Artemiev’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $2 million (approx.).

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