Philip DeFranco Net Worth 2022: How Much Does He Make From His YouTube Channel?

Philip DeFranco


Philip DeFranco is an American video blogger and YouTube star with $12 million. As a YouTube celebrity, he is routinely among the world’s highest-earning. Philip DeFranco talks about the news and celebrity gossip in most of his videos. On the Philip DeFranco YouTube channel, which as of July 2020, has more than 6.4 million followers and more than 3 billion views, he expresses his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Life in the Beginning:

Known as Philip DeFranco, Philip James Franchini Jr. was born in The Bronx on December 1, 1985, in New York City. Sabrina is the name of his younger sibling. Because of his turbulent upbringing in New York, which included an alcoholic mother and a violent stepfather, he eventually had to leave home and perform various odd jobs to make ends meet. He did everything from wait tables in movie theatres to selling counterfeit DVDs on eBay. The University of South Florida, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, and East Carolina University are among the institutions he has studied.

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A student at East Carolina University at the time, Philip DeFranco launched his first YouTube channel on September 15, 2006. Sxephil was its original name. His second YouTube channel, “Philip DeFranco,” was established in 2007. He wrote about “newsie things” and other topics that interested him when he started. The Philip DeFranco Show” became the name of his new series of videos. It wasn’t until August 2007, with the 1.8 million views of “Big Boobs and You,” that he understood the appeal of the content of the exact nature. Afterward, he focused almost exclusively on sex, gossip, and the latest news.

More and more people began to notice him as his internet following became larger. When he won the Spore Creature Creator competition in 2008, he beat out superstars like Stan Lee, Katy Perry, and Elijah Wood; he gave his $15,000 winner’s award to the PKD Foundation, a charity of his choosing (a charity that fights polycystic and kidney disease). Wired named him “Sexiest Geek of 2008” in the same year.

It’s worth noting that he was also a co-star in the scripted web series “Hooking Up” with Jessica Rose and Kevin Wu for HBOLabs; he was a founding member of The Station; he launched other channels like “Like Awesome,” where he accepted video reviews of movies, video games or technology from his viewers. With his efforts, his “Sxe Phil” channel became the fifth most subscribed YouTube channel in the early 2010s.

Philip DeFranco

YouTube’s $100 million original channel project included the creation of a new channel devoted to pop culture, journalism, and technology. Revision3, a multi-channel network, signed DeFranco around January 2012. In the same period, he established the James Haffner-produced channel “SourceFed.” Elliott Morgan and Meg Turney were among his “SourceFed” co-hosts. At the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2012, they represented YouTube’s “Elections Hub.” At the 3rd Streamy Prizes, “SourceFed” was nominated for numerous awards. In 2017 the channel was finally shut down.

Real Estate and Your Personal Life:

When Philip purchased a home in Encino, Calif., in December 2019, he paid $4.1 million.

In August 2013, at his “DeFranco Loves Dat AZ” event in Tempe, Arizona, he proposed to Lindsay Jordan DeFranco (née Doty), whom he married in March 2015. Philip James “Trey” DeFranco III was born in 2014, and Carter William DeFranco was born in 2016. (born 2017). After living in San Fernando and Sherman Oaks, the couple and their family moved to Encino Estate. Because of his father and grandparents, DeFranco has polycystic kidney disease.

For $1.7 million, Phil bought a house in Sherman Oaks in 2013. In December 2020, he put this house on the market for $2.1 million.

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