Planet of Lana Release Date: Coming Soon to Theaters and Online!

Planet of Lana Release Date: Coming Soon to Theaters and Online!


This year’s Summer Game Fest will see the introduction of Planet of Lana, a new puzzle-adventure video game, and the announcement that it will be out in 2022.

Founded in 2018, Swedish independent game firm Wishfully Studios has launched its debut title with Planet Of Lana. After launching in 2018, this is the first product the firm has released.

Additionally, Thunderful Producing, the publisher of Lonely Mountains: Downhill, will be releasing the book.

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What the Story Behind Planet of Lana?

For PC and Xbox platforms in the near future, Planet of Lana, a sci-fi puzzle-adventure game with “epic” scale, will be launched. While we don’t know precisely when this will happen, we do know a few things about it.

According to The Last Guardian composer Takeshi Furukawa, who spoke about the game before its worldwide premiere trailer aired at The Game Awards 2021, Planet of Lana is a sci-fi narrative about “a meaningful love between a little girl and a beautiful creature.

Trailer for Planet of Lana

The trailer showed a young girl being chased by a horde of frightening machines in a desert landscape that looked like Tatooine from Star Wars.

That lovely creature Furukawa stated is fighting a massive and many-toothed beast, according to screenshots from the game’s official website.

There were some wonderful shots to go along with Furukawa’s sweeping tune in the teaser trailer. When it came to Planet of Lana’s release date, the only thing the audience had heard was that it will be somewhere in 2022, at the earliest, by the time the presentation ended.

With the exception of the fact that the game will be published on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, more information is presently unavailable.

The Story Of Lana Planet

Additional details can be found on the game’s official website and Steam page, both of which went up at the same time as the announcement:

Humans, nature, and animals used to coexist together on a world that has now transformed into something very different.” Hundreds of years of unrest have now manifested themselves in a faceless army. However, this is not a war narrative. This tale is about the struggle to preserve our planet’s vitality and beauty.

Faceless soldiers have arrived to finally bring about the discord that has been simmering for hundreds of years. That being said, there is no combat in this novel. Planet Earth, and how to preserve it such, is the focus of this tale.

For those who enjoy making new friends while exploring a vibrantly coloured cosmos, Planet of Lana is the perfect game.

The Release Date for Planet of Lana

The Xbox One and PC versions of Planet of Lana will be published in 2022. It’s available for purchase right now through Steam’s wishlist.

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