Queen of the South Season 5: In a new trailer, James Valdez explains why he ignored Kelly-Anne.

Queen Of South Season 5

Queen of the South Season 5 News: Teresa Mendoza and her new habits in New Orleans may be the focus of the fifth season of the hit criminal thriller Queen of the South.

Teresa’s separation with Eddie Brucks (Bailey Chase) might have disastrous consequences for her company when the blockbuster USA Network series returns, with episodes eventually heading to Netflix.

According to fans, the DEA or CIA may target Teresa Mendoza’s ex-boyfriend Eddie Brucks as part of their continuous effort to apprehend New Orleans’ new queenpin.

The suspenseful crime series’ Queen of the South Season 5 was put on hold owing to a coronavirus epidemic, but production was allowed to restart late final year. If a few strong fan ideas are to be accepted, Teresa’s old flame may also return as a whole new foe when the show returns later this year.

During the excruciating wait for new episodes, fans have flocked to Reddit to share their ever-growing list of theories for the next chapter.

Eddie, a troubled musician who dated Teresa for a brief period before she became unconscious as a result of Judge Lafayette’s attack, became one of them (David Andrews).

Queen of the South Season 5: “There’s a plausible theory flying around that Eddie works for the DEA or the CIA,” stated Redditor PrivateSpeaker. While Eddie will not have been a spy from the start, he may attempt to re-enter Teresa’s life in Queen of the South Season 5 in order to learn more about her drug operations.

Teresa had more on her mind than love, as her continuous conflict with the Judge ended in the death of her godson Tony Parra (Julian Silva) and left her in intensive care near the end of the season.

However, a few fans were wary of Eddie when he resurfaced in the season finale for a quick talk despite failing to go to Teresa after the attack.

Queen of the South Season 5

Queen of the South Season 5 Trailer

“Once she’s gone, you’ll pay her a visit so you can have a private conversation with her and confront her about her occupation.”

Eddie, according to the theory, sought to cut all links with Teresa in order to recuperate from their separation, which is why he didn’t show up in the ICU.

His sudden return at the conclusion of season four, on the other hand, may also suggest that he was approached by means of an agent probing Teresa’s drug organization as part of a brand new strategy to bring her down.

Teresa may be looking over her shoulder a lot in the upcoming episode, as the arrival of James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) hinted to the return of a few old adversaries in Queen of the South Season 5

If she does really let Eddie back into her life following their conversation in the season finale, the drug tycoon may now be threatened from all sides.

However, many believe Eddie would be in over his head if he tries to take down Teresa from the inside. Eddie may wish to meet an early end in Queen of the South Season 5 if he gets too close to the truth, particularly with Pote (Hemky Madera) and now James using her side.

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