Rachel Parcell Net Worth 2022: What is the Current Estimated value of Her? Which Man is the Spouse of Her?

Rachel Parcell


Blogger and social media model Rachel Parcell from the United States, debuted her jewelry line, Pink Peonies. She’s most known for her Pink Peonies blog, which she started in 2010.

An In-Depth Story

Rachel Skalla was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on January 14, 1991. Her family adheres to the Mormon faith, and she is one of four children. Emily is her older sister, while Megan and Amy are her younger sisters.

Rachel Parcell always wanted to be her boss and had a keen interest in fashion and style, which she shared with her sisters, offering suggestions on what they should wear. She wore high heels to school virtually every day since she was obsessed with looking her best and keeping up with the latest fashions. At the end of 2009, she graduated from Alta High School.

Pink Peonies Parcell enrolled at Utah State University to pursue a degree in Communication and Public Relations. In the wake of discovering new interests and deciding she wanted a more creative outlet, she decided to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. The young Parcell worked as a fashion designer for Modbe Clothing and designed accessories for DownEast Basics while still in school.

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In her spare time, Rachel Parcell would devote herself to blogging. Aside from her ideas on fashion and shopping, she also wrote about beauty products and skincare, holidays and weekend getaways, and her relationships with family and sisters in the blog she kept.

I started it as a journal, writing about my wedding, and then when we went on vacation, I would upload photos, Rachel Parcell said. After being published in Utah Valley Brides, a local bridal publication, Rachel and her husband’s blog began to increase in visitors. Every post I made went viral,” I said. The world didn’t know I was a fashion blogger until it was too late,” she said.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) was attended by Rachel Parcell in 2015. In the same year, she debuted a jewelry line with tiny cuffs, rings, earrings, and necklaces. From $45 to $110, you can have one of them. On February 27, 2019, Parcell will return to Utah State University as a speaker for the Entrepreneurship Leadership Series after being awarded Utah’s 2018 Social Media Influencer of the Year.

Rachel Parcell

At Nordstrom in 2019, Rachel introduced the Prettiest Holiday Home Collection. According to her, “I’ve always been a Nordstrom girl.”

Nordstrom will carry a new spring collection from Rachel Parcell in March 2020. It took us over a year to create these works, and it was a labor of love,” Parcell remarked at the time.


After a long courtship, Rachel Parcell and Drew were united in marriage in the Salt Lake Temple in 2010. Her spouse is a real estate developer and general contractor, and a part-time fashion photographer.


There are three children in the family. I feel incredibly blessed to be their mother,” Rachel remarked on Instagram in 2022.


  • Dash [her dog] was born to be a model, says the author. When he does this, he will smile. Everything revolves around him, and he’s the true star.”
  • Women worldwide choose to follow me and my everyday life, which, as one woman put it, “I am astounded by.”
  • In other words, “I’m a firecracker.”

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