Megan Fox was spotted wearing a Vans Old Skool sneaker with Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Latest News: We disagree with style legend Gary Bradshaw and believe that you can have numerous pairs of shoes, especially if you regularly purchase $ 900 Manolo Blahniks. We do believe, however, that there is one style of shoe that you can always afford: sneakers.

Sneakers will never lose their allure, no matter what trendy shoes are now adorning your Instagram page (we’re looking at you, watches and crocs). Vance Old School Sneaker is the newest sneaker we’ve added to our inventory, thanks to Megan Fox’s endorsement.

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox (pictured in Greece) John Wei earlier this week. Supermodels Gaia Gerber and Emily Radhajkovsky continue to attack the NYC pavement, Kristen Stewart often kicks when travelling, Olivia Wilde checks vans slip-on, and Megan Fox (shown in Greece) John Wei. Kelly holds Machine gun in his hands.

Megan Fox is armed with a machine gun. Kelly

The possibilities for styling Cool-Girl Megan Vance Old School sneakers are endless, as shown here with a cosy hoodie and a thick cape. Sporty shoes go nicely with slacks and tees, but as Gerber has demonstrated on numerous occasions, the sneaker-sundress pairing is a key summer look.

Rachel Pilson runs the grocery shop, pays homage to Lucy Haley for a coffee walk, and rides a bike in a bikini like Courtney Kardashian, all while wearing Vans.

These multipurpose sneakers, made with suede and exaggerated stitching, add a little fringe at any time of year (unlike Ms. Bradshaw’s pricey stilettos). – Unlike any other OG skater sneaker brand, the Signature Stripe is instantly recognisable. Vans are cool kicks. Also, unlike the celebrity-favored sneakers like Golden Goose and Easy, the costs are affordable.

Every outfit has a pair of vans, which come in a number of colours and designs ranging from hightops to slip-ons, so you can wear this comfy classic for years to come.

More Vans old school sneakers in platform, low-top, and core basic styles are available below.

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