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Reflection of You Season 2


JTBC’s Reflection Of You Season 2 is a Korean television series about Heejoo (HyunJung Go), a successful painter whose life is tormented by a version of her past self.

With the exception of a beautiful young woman with whom he once had contact. Despite the fact that Heejoo’s life appears to be wonderful on the outside, he is always in a state of perplexity and worry. The first season of this compelling drama, based on the novel of the same name by writer Jung Sohyeon, was released on October 13, 2021, and the second season was released on October 13, 2022.

has managed to amass a sizable fan base. Now we’d like to share all we know about the second season with you!

Reflection of You Season 2

Reflection of You Season 2 Release Date:

Season 1 of ‘Reflection of You’ premiered on Netflix on October 13, 2021, and concluded on December 2, 2021, with 16 long-form episodes. The show’s episodes are between 62 and 70 minutes long.

The show first aired on JTBC in Korea for Korean audiences. Furthermore, “Reflection of You” is full of scary moments and magnificent tension, making it popular with a wide range of audiences worldwide.

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All we know about season two is that the streaming giant hasn’t said if the programme will be renewed for another season.

As long-time Kdrama viewers, we know that most Korean dramas are just one season long. As a result, we have no idea if a second season is in the works.

Furthermore, the season two finale concludes definitively, despite the possibility of many unsolved concerns, the most of which concern Heejoo’s new existence in the senior centre.

Furthermore, Haewon is stabbed to death in the closing minutes of the final episode, and he is finally making peace with his life, indicating that the programme would most likely only run one season.

However, there have been exceptions to the one-season rule throughout the history of Korean television series.

it is virtually universally accepted. One such series is “Voice,” which has four seasons and leaves you wanting more because of its dark and addictive plot.

Hospital Playlist, which has aired for two seasons and is considered one of the most popular Kdramas of 2020, is another name that may strike a bell.

a thrilling drama series

We may expect “Reflection of You” to be launched somewhere in the third or fourth quarter of 2022 if the project is extended.

 Reflection of You Season 2: Who can be there? 

Gu Haewon, an assistant art instructor with an unexplainable connection to Heejoo, will be rehearsed by Shin Hyunbeen.

Ahn Hyeonseong, Heejoo’s spouse, will be played by Choi Wonyoung. Kim Jaeyoung’s character Seo Woojae died in season one, hence he won’t be back in season two.

Park Youngsun is played by Kim Boyeon, Jeong Seonwoo is played by Shin Dongwook, Ahn Minseo is played by Jang Hyejin, Lee Hyungki is played by Hong Seojun, and Ahn Lisa is played by Kim Suan.

Reflection of you Season 2 Synopsis: What is it about? 

Season one features established painter Heejoo, who appears to live an affluent life from afar, but is plagued by a presence that followed her throughout the first season.

Apart from that, her marriage to Hyeonseong is jeopardised as her lover Woojae relentlessly sabotages her life at the conclusion of season 1.

Heejoo is saved by his daughter, who stabs him to death in order to save her mother’s life. She ultimately abandons her wealthy life in order to save her daughter, saying she was abducted by Woojae.

Her new existence unfolded in Season 2 while her husband searched for her.

The following several episodes might almost totally focus upon his mysterious disappearance and subsequent death, which was covered up as an affair.

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