Reno 911 Season 8 has been announced with a video, featuring a release date and cast list.

Reno 911 Season 8 has been announced with a video, featuring a release date and cast list.

Reno 911 Season 8 has been announced with a video from the cast. The show was created as a parody of popular reality crime television series of the time, namely Cops. The show is narrated by Reno officers as they fizzle at their jobs and make themselves appear bad and foolish on video in a mockumentary manner. This is in stark contrast to Cops’ fearless portrayal of cops.

Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, and Kerri Kenney-Silver all-stars are followed by a slew of humorous characters such as Cedric Yarbrough, Mary Birdsong, Niecey Nash, and Ken Marino, as well as Joe Lo Truglio and Ian Roberts later in the season.

Reno 911 Season 8 Details

Reno 911 Season 8

Reno 911! aired on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2009, and it was cancelled after six seasons. Reno 911! was considered for Netflix, but it wasn’t until ten years later that the Reno Sheriff’s Department’s officials returned for additional shenanigans. The renewal happened on streaming platform Quibi, and it looks that the programme has found a new home there now that a new season is in the works.

Quibi produced a short video for the Reno 911 Season 8, dubbed “Section 2” of the show’s recovery. In the video, Lennon appears in character as Lt. Jim Dangle, dressed in his trademark short-shorts and boots. Season 7 is currently available for viewing and subscription on Quibi in 10-minute reduced-length episodes.

Reno 911 Season 8 Announced

Despite the fact that Quibi elected to renew the show in December 2019, Reno 911 Season 8! comes at a time when viewers are questioning the scope and purpose of television in dealing with law enforcement, crooks, and persons police appear to protect. People have debated whether TV dramatisations and comedies investigate the internal lives of cops or show them as attractive clowns who assist to maintain a social vision of law authorization as racial humiliation and police brutality have escalated in recent months.

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The Andy Samberg vehicle Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a particularly perplexing situation since its characters are extremely likeable, raising questions about whether the Andy Samberg product should be studied for its political implications or simply enjoyed for the fantastic sitcom it is. Cops has received scathing criticism, maybe more than any other programme, from those who claim it can be used for political publicity or propaganda. The reality TV show concluded up its 32nd season on May 11 of this year, and Paramount pulled it from the airwaves in June.

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