Richard Saghian Net Worth: Find Out by Reading About his Age, Career, Family, and More.

Richard Saghian Net Worth: Find Out by Reading About his Age, Career, Family, and More.



Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian is also a multimillionaire businessman with a net worth of $50 million. Fashion Nova has risen to the top of the fashion industry’s popularity rankings thanks to its collaborations with Instagram influencers and its ability to quickly provide trend-driven merchandise.

According to the corporation, Fashion Nova had a profit margin of 600 percent in 2018, which means they made more money than they did when they initially started out in 2014. He can afford to pay Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose from Fashion Nova’s profits, indicating that the business is a success.

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The Childhood of Richard Saghian

On January 31, 1982, Richard Saghian, an Iranian-American, was born in Los Angeles. He is a father to two young children. ‘

A youth spent working in his father’s retail businesses as a sales assistant taught him the basics of the industry while also inspiring him to follow in his father’s footsteps. He took the decision to go to work over the summer. He received excellent honours in high school in the state of California, where he attended a private school.

UC Los Angeles was the site of his undergraduate education, and he graduated with honours (UCLA).


At the time, Richard’s items were less expensive than those of other designer labels, therefore he started his business in Los Angeles in 2006. It was in Panorama Mall in Los Angeles, California, where he built his first Fashion Nova store in 2006.

Richard Saghian was able to expand his business and take it online with the help of powerful individuals, notably on Instagram.

In an interview, Saghian said that listening to his clients gave him a better understanding of what women wanted, what was missing, and what was crucial to their daily life. When he started out, he realised that knowing his clients’ needs and desires was important to the success of his business.

He was hesitant to start an e-commerce website because of his little following on Instagram (he had just 60,000 at the time). Models with slender figures were particularly in demand at the time. He had always wanted to start a company that would sell fashionable women’s apparel at low prices. Because he had no notion how to get started.

It was via the use of their authentication tokens that Instagram stars and influencers spread the word about Fashion Nova and encouraged their followers to shop for the brand’s merchandise.

More than 16 million people follow Fashion Nova on Instagram, with more than 49,000 posts.

Richard Saghian


Richard Saghian is well-known in the fashion business for the success of his firm, Fashion Nova, as well as the numerous awards and accolades showered upon it. One of the members of the Ardi clan, rapper Ardi, has joined his company.

Purchasing and Selling a Home

A Hollywood Hills mansion purchased off-market for $17.5 million by Saghian. In the lack of any formal records indicating a lien, he paid in full ahead.

It was sold to him by Tim Bergling’s (Avicci) estate in a secretive manner.

A Person Total Wealth

Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian is expected to be worth $50 million by the year 2022.

Social media is the brand’s primary marketing tool, and they post between 600 and 900 new designs each week. Saghain’s firm presently generates $5 million in annual revenue.

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