Risen (2016) Is this Movie Inspired By A True Story? Where Can I Watch It On The Internet?

Risen (2016) Is this Movie Inspired By A True Story? Where Can I Watch It On The Internet?


Kevin Reynolds directed the religious film Risen. Paul Aiello and Reynolds wrote the script, which was released in 2016. It’s like a Sunday special, an Easter thriller about a Roman senator tasked with investigating the kidnapping of Jesus after the stone from the Messiah’s coffin is abruptly hauled away.

The film stars Peter Firth, Cliff Curtis, Joseph Fiennes, and Tom Felton. The film was released in theatres in the United States on February 19, 2016, by Columbia Pictures. Critics from all over the world gave it mixed reviews. If you’re interested in learning more about the 2016 film Risen, you’ve come to the right place; we’ve outlined all we know thus far.

What is the Plot of the Story?

Pontius Pilate dispatches Clavius, a Roman Tribune, to hasten the crucifixion after destroying a small-scale Zealot insurgency commanded by Barabbas. Clavius enlists the help of his faithful companion Lucius to track down and question Yeshua’s disciples, as well as those involved in his death and cremation, for explanations to his disappearance.


Clavius, distracted by his thoughts, returns to a humiliated Roman soldier, now a drunkard, who was supposed to guard Yeshua’s cave tomb, and furiously shocks the inebriated man out of a previously treasured deceit. Clavius meets a revived Yeshua with his disciples in a private apartment on a journey through a Jewish neighbourhood.

A Roman attack led by Lucius and Pilate approached the structure that Clavius had barred them from entering the previous night. Except for a message from Clavius, who has opted to study his findings, they find it empty. Clavius joins Yeshua and his supporters on a journey to establish the reality of his mortal renewal after abandoning Roman polytheism and the god Mars, during which he meets with and encounters both Yeshua and the apostle Peter.

Clavius, Pilate believes, has most likely betrayed him. As a result, a group of Roman legions is dispatched to follow him and Yeshua. Clavius helps the devotees avoid being discovered by the Roman search force. When Lucius encounters them, Clavius dismantles him before persuading him to let them pass without incident. Clavius accepts the peculiarity of the story and its validity after revealing his escapades to a person in an isolated house, fearing he will not be the same.

Is “Risen” Inspired by a True Story?

The film tells the story from the point of view of a Roman soldier. It’s not a true story, but rather a hypothetical tale from the viewpoint of a sceptic. It’s a fresh perspective on a classic tale. This isn’t the first time a movie has looked at a story from the eyes of a different character.

Where Can I Watch “Risen” On the Internet?

Risen, an action film, made its international premiere in theatres few years ago. It was distributed in the United States by Columbia Pictures. Amazon Video, Tubi – Free Movies & TV, VUDU, ROW8, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Apple TV, and Redbox now have it available to view.

Is it Worth Watching?

It’s amazing to watch how Risen approaches well-known stories in different ways. Barabbas starts out as a brave rebel. There are a few biblical stories in there that are worth reading. The Roman setting at the time of Christ is magnificent, and it takes on life of its own at times. Joseph Fiennes offers a superb performance that deserves an Oscar consideration, while Tom Felton, the legendary Harry Potter actor, also performs admirably.

Risen Reviews

Risen – Movie Review By Experts:

Simple motions that might be overlooked in other Bible films, such as cutting a loaf of bread or sipping a jug of wine, are framed in loving close-ups by the director, emphasising the ritual aspect and reminding us that every bite of food and drink matters. Here, everything is cheap.

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The buzzing of flies over putrefying bodies is the most constant sound in “Risen“. Clavius is as coldly analytical as a golfer determining which club to use when directing a soldier to break a prisoner’s legs or stab his torso with a spear during the mass crucifixion.

Clavius leads infantrymen against a gang of Hebrew guerrilla fighters in the film’s opening battle, which pays close attention to tactics. Clavius’ men take the high ground from the Hebrews at one point by sending infantry to the rock shelf where the enemy has gathered and having them crouch down and place their shields on their backs in a mosaic pattern, similar to over-sized floor tiles, so that their fellow soldiers can use them as a living ramp.

It’s a shame “Risen” doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself because there’s so much excellent acting, direction, and writing. The tale seems to just sort of halt rather than conclude, as if it ran out of things to say, and Yeshua’s farewell appearance is a load of mass-market religious art tropes, with the film’s only awful CGI. It keeps threatening to be miraculous, but never quite manages to achieve it. There is, nevertheless, some raw magic in it.