Rob Navarro Net Worth 2022: Wiki Includes his Age, Marital Status, Nationality, and Height.

Rob Navarro


Aside from being an accomplished musician and singer/songwriter in his own right, David Michael Navarro is also a well-known face on television. On the 1995 Red Hot Chili Peppers album, One Hot Minute, he was a guitarist for Jane’s Addiction.

Rob Navarro will have a net worth of $23 million by 2022. (Approx).


Amerikaner David Michael Navarro makes his living as a musician, singer, composer, and TV host in the United States. He played guitar for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their 1995 album One Hot Minute and is a member of the rock band Jane’s Addiction.

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Trust No One is his first solo album (2001). Navarro was also a Deconstruction and The Panic Channel member, two Jane’s Addiction spin-off bands.

One of alternative music’s first great guitar superstars, according to Greg Prato of AllMusic, Navarro has a varied playing style that combines heavy metal, psychedelic, and current rock. Seen playing with Jane’s Addiction, former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins called him “one of the last outstanding guitarists.”

From 2012 until 2020, Navarro presented and judged the American tattoo competition series Ink Master, aired on Paramount Network (formerly Spike).

On June 7, 1967, in Santa Monica, California, James Raul Navarro and Constance Colleen Hopkins welcomed their son, David Michael Navarro, into the world. His father’s Mexican ancestors were his maternal grandparents.

Navarro’s grandpa, Gabriel, was a close friend of Mexican silent cinema star Ramón Novarro, who is said to have acquired the actor’s surname. He and future Jane’s Addiction bandmate Stephen Perkins marched in the band together at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California.

John (Dean) Riccardi, Navarro’s ex-boyfriend, killed her mother and aunt in March 1983. The information that led to Riccardi’s arrest in 1991 came from a fan of the television show America’s Most Wanted, which featured Riccardi.

His mother’s murder and his spiral into heroin addiction were documented in Mourning Son, a documentary produced in 2015 by Navarro. During his appearance on America’s Most Wanted in 2004, Navarro revealed that he intended to visit and stay with his mother the night of the murder but went to see his father at the last minute. He recounted the grief he has had to endure since her death.

Rob Navarro

How much is Rob Navarro worth?

Rob Navarro’s net worth is based on information gathered from credible sources. The estimated net worth of Rob Navarro is unreliable due to the absence of any public records disclosing his actual wealth. Please let us know if any of the following information is wrong in the comments section below.

The family

According to reliable sources, there is little information regarding Rob Navarro’s parents. Updates on Rob Navarro will be made as soon as we learn more about him.

Wife of Rob Navarro.

Former model and actress Carmen Electra and makeup artist Tania Goddard-Saylor were Navarro’s first two spouses (1990-1992, divorced), followed by Rhian Gittins (annulled in 1994). (2003-2007, divorced).

Rob Navarro’s Wife is a mystery, according to reliable sources. This page will be updated as soon as we learn more about Navarro.

There are no known descendants of Rob Navarro.

There isn’t much reliable information available on Navarro’s children. This page will be updated as soon as we learn more about Rob Navarro.

The Age of Rob Navarro

His birthplace is Santa Monica, California, where he grew up and now lives with his wife and two children.

Rob Navarro will be 55 years old in 2022.

Reliable sources haven’t confirmed Navarro’s age. Updates on Rob Navarro will be made as soon as we learn more about him.

The Height

Trusted sources don’t have much information regarding Rob Navarro’s height. Updates on Navarro will be made as soon as we learn more about him.

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