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Ryan Pineda


A former Oakland Athletics player, Ryan Pineda is a retired professional baseball player. Entrepreneur and social media figure, in addition to a real estate broker, he now controls many businesses. Ryan teaches his millions of followers how to run a successful business on his website. Ryan Pineda is expected to have a net worth of $4.3 million by 2022.


On April 17th, 1989, Pineda was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since he was a youngster, the dream of being a professional baseball player has been him. The Oakland Athletics selected him out of California State University when he was still a student there.

Ryan Pineda made his MLB debut in 2010 when he was just 20 years old. Unfortunately, after joining his first team for three years, he was cut from the roster.

The young guy competed in several semi-pro baseball leagues for the next five years. He toured the United States and internationally. However, he wasn’t making enough money from it to justify the investment.

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Initiation into Professional Life

Pineda began his real estate career by purchasing a property with his cousin when he was still a professional baseball player. A home hack was attempted by the two of them. They continued to reside in the property while making mortgage payments with their earnings from renting out additional rooms. YouTuber Graham Stephan has used this strategy to create his fortune in the past. – Graham Stephan

After a while, he started selling used couches on Craigslist for a profit. On the other hand, Ryan quickly became tired of what had grown into a sizable enterprise. Real estate investing was now the focus of his time and money.

Several real estate projects came Ryan’s way even as his baseball season was disappointing. After retiring from athletics, Pineda turned full-time into flipping and selling homes.

Continued Explorations

Forever Home Realty was founded by Ryan, who went on to close more than 300 real estate deals. After that, he founded TrueBooks, a CPA firm. Around 90 agents now work under the company’s name.

After launching the Future Flipper real estate coaching program, he created the Lunar Ecom e-commerce support company. Pineda found Pineda Capital, Homerun Offer, and Wealthy Agent, among other enterprises.


Ryan Pineda

Flip Your Future, the debut book from a rising real estate star was published in 2018. He also used social media to spread the word about himself. There are already 999,800 TikTok followers following his videos. The Ryan Pineda Show, a podcast he hosts on YouTube, has 214,000 followers.

Earnings and Net Worth

Most of Ryan Pineda’s fortune is derived from his ownership of six different businesses. Over 40 active flips are expected to bring in at least $1.2 million despite his hectic schedule. Thirty rental units are worth an additional $7 million.

Besides real estate and commercial ventures, Ryan saves for his old age in bitcoin. Most of the money he makes from his social media endeavors comes from sponsorships. Finally, his $4.3 million fortune comes from his book sales.

Life at Home: Ryan Pineda

Ryan is still a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he grew up. And Mindy Pineda, his wife, lives there. Two children have been born to the couple.

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