Sal Magluta Net Worth 2022: How Much Money does the Drug Lord have?

Sal Magluta


Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami, a docuseries based on their true story, tells their tale. Sal Magluta, a Cuban-born ex-drug lord who formerly operated one of the world’s most significant cocaine smuggling operations alongside Willie Falcon, was known as Sal Magluta. At one point, they had assets worth over $2 billion in cash. There is no information on the current net worth of Sal Magluta, but this is being looked at.


Sal grew up in Cuba, where he befriended Willie Falcon, who later became one of his most fabulous friends. When they were in high school, the two became close friends and began doing narcotics. Throughout their high school years, they chose to drop out to focus only on selling drugs.

Sal Magluta’s Biography, Money, and Fame

One would bring in new clients, while the other was responsible for negotiating and closing transactions. One of their first large transactions was to dispose of 30 kilos of cocaine for a guy called Jorge Valdes.

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However, in April 1991, both Sal and Magluta were indicted for drug trafficking, including the importation of more than 75 tonnes of cocaine, and their operation was busted. Incredibly, they were acquitted after a lengthy trial due to the bribes and connections they made with prominent individuals in the system and their network of allies.

Magluta was sentenced to nine years in prison for evading arrest in 1997 by attempting to escape from custody. To compensate for the additional charges, he would serve 205 years in federal prison.

Life at Home

Marilyn Bonachea, Sal Magluta’s ex-girlfriend, is a well-known celebrity. As a 15-year-old, Marilyn first encountered Sal. Sal finally won her over despite her initial reluctance, and they began dating. After Marilyn discovered that Sal was seeing other women, the relationship deteriorated.

Sal Magluta

Magluta would benefit from Marilyn’s support in capturing him later in their lives, despite their split. Marilyn had previously assisted Sal with tracking his payments while in court.

Magluta’s arrest would have been impossible without Marilyn’s cooperation, so she consented to give the required proof.

Net Worth

There is now an investigation on Sal Magluta’s network. They had more than $2 billion in cash and a very wealthy lifestyle during the height of their cocaine smuggling enterprise. His wealth has plummeted due to his incarceration and the freezing of his assets.

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