Selling Tampa Review: Sunset Sale Spin-off at Sunny State

Selling Tampa Review: Sunset Sale Spin-off at Sunny State

Selling Tampa Review – Charel Rosado started the reality programme agency series Selling Tampa on Allure Realty in 2019. They work with expensive residences in the Tampa region; one agent explained, “We live where other people go on vacation.” Because Charelle works at an agency where she is the only woman of colour and wants to alter that, this is a women-only agency with exclusively BIPOC employees. This is, of course, a variation on Selling Sunset. All of the agents have strong personalities that frequently conflict.

Records from Selling Tampa/ St. Petersburg’s coast. We also included a mansion with an $8.5 million asking price.

Selling Tampa – The brokerage on this property is being sold by Allure for $8.5 million. In addition, they will arrange an open house/girls’ night for their client. They talked about it at the office with the two young and independent sales agents. Colony Reeves and Anne-Sophie Petty-Freer should dress correctly and not use the chance to seduce consumers. Colony brazenly flirts with Cho’s customers in another residence. When Anne-Sophie, a Haitian, comes, she chats to the customers in French and is constantly harassing Colony.

Havana Colbert and Tenil Moore, two more staff, are introduced to us. Who share a drink with Charelle while reminiscing about their childhood and reunion. Chad “Ocho” Johnson, a former NFL player, meets Charelle. Because “he is always in every business,” Tensile refers to Havana as “HR.”

Selling Tampa: Rena Upshaw Fraser, a powerful lawyer, once showed a client property. And put some pressure on him to make an offer as quickly as possible. He’s irritated that Charelle picked a photo of the staff that he won’t be able to view during the open house.

Selling Tampa

Charel had to take a break at one point to assist his mother, whose house was on fire. Havana took over and held an open house meeting, reading from a Wikipedia article on “cocktail dress.” Anne-Sophie and Colony despise Jovan’s micromanagement and claim that Charelle only comes to work on occasion.

Selling Tampa – Rena was the first to mock the Havana dress during the party, but Colony concurred, calling it “awful” in an interview.

Selling Tampa – At least as compared to how it began, selling Tampa has numerous benefits over its parent fair. Sunset referred to this professional and powerful lady as a “girl” since the Allure agency was created by a woman and has a list of all women. No chauvinist male employer would refer to this professional and strong woman as a “girl.” Also, because Charel wants to employ black women for his agency, this is a great opportunity to display BIPOC professionals doing business and making a lot of money in their natural habitat.

Naturally, the issue comes as to whether we’re ready to witness these supposedly accomplished ladies interrupt each other and bring up topics that no one outside their group is interested in. Because real estate pornography is fundamentally the same as any other real estate reality programme, the entertainment value of the show is determined by the personalities of the participants. So far, the majority of the performers have been similar, although there is some friction.

Selling Tampa – Will the feud become more serious than the few private brawls we witnessed in the first episode? Possible. And, as much as we hate to admit it, the earlier the programme arrives, the better. We can make more than one person laugh at someone else’s dress choices when we witness working women getting intimate with one other, right?

Tampa sales have their own set of problems, and we’re hoping they’ll become more intriguing in the future. However, the presence of an agency like Allure is sufficient to suggest the event.

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