Shameless Season 11: Is Frank Dead or Alive in the Series Finale?

Shameless Season 11

Shameless Season 11 Review: The season finale of Showtime’s long-running series Shameless ended on April 11, 2021, with the death of Frank Gallagher. The viewers have been kept guessing since the penultimate episode intimated that Frank might die.

Frank took a large amount of heroin at the end of the show, and the audience assumed he was dead. Frank was laying in a hospital bed in the promo for the last episode, and Lip, Liam’s brother, was talking to someone about Frank. The creator and showrunner, John Wells, had clearly planned for Frank’s demise.Shameless Season 11

Frank was forgetting everything in Season 11 of Shameless, which was evident to the audience. Frank was initially stable, but his condition deteriorated to the point that he needed to be diagnosed with alcoholic dementia. However, he was forgetting that he was suffering from dementia in the process.

Frank’s son Liam was tasked with looking after his father in Shameless Season 11 Episode 11. He included information about his dementia and who to contact or what to do if he becomes disoriented or becomes involved in an accident. Lip explains to Liam how he went out seeking Frank after he ran away. Lip, like Liam, was unable to locate the inebriated Frank.

Shameless Season 11: About Frank

To make him happy, Liam attempts to make “Frank things.” A woman shouted at him for wearing his mask at one point, but Frank, being Frank, grabbed up a mask and put it on. This might be the point at which viewers began to believe Frank was losing his mind and that the show was coming to an end.

Frank wanders into a chapel and is asked to light the candles. He was transferred to the hospital when the priest phoned an ambulance. He tests positive for Covid and dies in the emergency room. His death was not explained, however, it is possible that he died as a result of Covid problems and excessive drug and alcohol usage.

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The spectators believed Frank was still alive despite the fact that the cause of death was unknown to them. Frank could be seen sitting at a pub sipping beer while his corpse was in the ER. However, his death has been verified by the showrunner.

They intend to add Covid-19 to the plot, which will alter it slightly. With all of Frank’s comorbidities, it would be unreasonable to ignore the fact that no one contracted the sickness during the epidemic. As a result, Frank was the ideal candidate for the showrunners to die.

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