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Sheck Wes


Sheck Wes has become an instant sensation in the music industry. Rapper, composer, and model, he does it all.

Mo Bamba, a song he wrote in honor of a boyhood buddy, is his most famous work. Sheck is now signed to two labels, Cactus Jack and G.O.O.D. Music, respectively.

Take a peek at Sheck’s net worth, personal life, and work background.

As a child: Sheck Wes

Khadimoul Rassoul Sheck Fall, aka Sheck Wes, was born on September 10th, 1998. In Harlem, New York City, the 6’2″ artist was born to immigrants.

According to reports, he has Senegalese parents, even though nothing is known.

Sheck’s musical influences ranged from Seun Kuti to D.M.X. when growing up. He was, without a doubt, a fan of the music of yesteryear.

At the age of 11, Sheck began producing music. He spent much of his childhood between New York City and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Basketball piqued his interest since he was able to continue his travels. He returned to New York for the duration of his first year of high school to focus solely on his schoolwork.

He had initially planned to attend college and play basketball, but he became enthralled with modeling and fashion and eventually gave up the sport.

Due to his time in New York City, Sheck became embroiled in a few minor disputes. Senegal, Africa, was his mother’s home country, and she decided to move him there to keep him out of trouble.

After spending time in Africa, he discovered his mission and determination to remain focused. In New York, Sheck pursued his musical ambitions more seriously.

Private sphere

Sheck Wes sees himself as an artist rather than a rapper. Kid Khadi was his very first pseudonym. A rap group in Milwaukee named Milyorkers had him as a member in his career. Sheck would sell mixtapes, DVDs, and fake license plates to get the money during his early years.

Sheck Wes is now single. He formerly dated Justine Skye, but she subsequently said he had abused her. Justine claims that Sheck has been stalking her and attacking her friends since their relationship ended, even while she was out with them and her new partner.

Sheck Wes

To protect the reputation of those abused, Sheck first chose to stay silent about the claims against him.


A self-described “mudboy,” Sheck Wes has a wide range of skills. He can design clothing, rap, hoop, model, and more.

‘From poverty to riches,’ he says, is what he means by the term’mudboy.’ He shared his music with the world while still in school by posting it to various online venues.

With the help of Kanye West and Travis Scott, Sheck Wes has secured a joint deal with Interscope Records. He feels that quality is more important than quantity.

Although Sheck has been signed to two record labels, both labels are already headed by two well-known music artists. But despite Sheck’s remarks in the autumn of 2018, when asked about Kanye’s involvement in his career, he said he wishes the rapper was more hands-on.

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