Strip Down Rise Up is a Netflix original series. Doc Unveils Pole Dancing’s Transformative Powers

Strip Down Rise Up

Strip Down Rise Up Updates: Netflix’s new dance documentary Strip Down Rise Up is enticing us into the worldwide pole.

A group of women learns to rediscover their bodies and their passion via a new type of treatment pole dancing in the first teaser for filmmaker Michele Ohayon’s new film, courtesy of TV Line.

Modern dancers interested in utilising the fun to address problems like body acceptance, sexual assault, and other injuries study the intricate art of pole dancing, directed by Sheila Kelley of The Good Doctor.

In today’s clip, Kelly explains to her pupils, “I need you to focus on the pole as the shape of the piece of art of your body,” as she demonstrates pole dancing.

The women that came to Kelley’s studio each had their own reason for switching to pole dancing to deal with their emotions. For some, it’s because of a late loss, such as the 50-year-old dowager shown in today’s clip. For the rest of the guys, it’s about becoming closer to their bodies.

Strip Down Rise Up Netflix Revealed

Strip Down Rise Up

One dancer explains, “When I first started, I just wanted to feel more fascinating.” I had no idea there was more travel ahead of me.

While few women come to the studio expecting to learn a new skill, today’s trailer shows that pole dancing may deliver much more than suppleness and physical endurance; it can also provide a passionate shift. Kelley tells the dancers, “Intensity is going to build, anxiousness is going to escalate.” You’ll have to fight for it.

Ohayon stated in a meeting with the Public that she wanted to “honour women” with her new film, which depicts a dancer’s journey “from prey to conquerors” via dance.

I wanted to show via my perspective that sensual dancing is appropriate for people of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, according to Ohayon.

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My film expresses the diverse group of women, their authority, their pain, their recovery, and their rugged good looks, as well as a strong demand for a confident note of women undressing shamefully and claiming their sensual, girlish look in the purpose of rising. I genuinely hope that it will inspire others to take action.

Strip Down Rise Up premieres on Netflix on February 5th. In the video above, you can see the whole trailer.

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