Stunna 4 Vegas Net Worth 2022: Earnings, Salary, Expertise, and Personal Life

Stunna 4 Vegas


Khalife Antonio Caldwell, best known as Stunna 4 Vegas or Big 4x, is his actual name. He’s a rising star in the rap business who’s worked with many well-known artists. Stunna became famous due to the success of his smash tune, “Animal,” on which he collaborated with well-known rapper DaBaby. Currently, Stunna 4 Vegas has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2022.

After then, he gained even more fame with the release of his other popular singles, such as Up The Smoke, Ashley, Tomorrow, Do Dat, and so forth. Stunna is also quite active on social media, with over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and 2 million Instagram followers. Along with Lil Durk and Moneybagg Yo, he has worked with Offset and Young Nudy. So let’s look at Stunna 4 Vegas’s complete net worth, sources of income, salaries, careers, biographies, and other aspects of her opulent lifestyle.


Khalife Antonio Caldwell, better known as Stunna 4 Vegas, was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, on January 1, 1996. His father was absent, and he grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina, on the Westside, without any siblings. He acquired an interest in music at a young age. Early musical inspirations were 2 Chainz, Gucci, Wayne, Fat Trel, and T.I.

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Throughout high school, he was a significant admirer of Tyga, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, and J. Cole. Stunan was a member of the basketball and football teams at West Rowan High School. He started rapping more regularly and released more tracks during his final year of high school. He was more serious about his work when he graduated.


In 2017, Stunna 4 Vegas began releasing mixtapes like Stunna Season and 4 Way or No Way, and he grew his repertoire with the help of his local following. He was doing gigs for $250 to $300 a pop at the time, honing his skills. When he met DaBaby, a fellow North Carolina rapper, it was a turning moment in his career. The infant was well-known in North Carolina and had built a following in the area.

Animal, the song they wrote together and posted on DaBaby’s channel in September 2018, was their first collaboration. Over half a billion people have seen that song on YouTube since its release. DaBaby’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment offered “Animal” Stunna a record deal soon after. As a result, the two began working on music and continually tried to improve their circumstances. When Baby’s 2018 mixtape Blank Blank included Stunna on the track 4X, Stunna was a guest rapper.

In 2019, the rapper appeared on DaBaby, and Asian Da Brat tracks, including “Joggers” and “I Love It,” respectively. Interscope Records signed an agreement with Stunna in May 2019. Vegas released his debut album, BIG 4X, which featured appearances from NLE Choppa, Young Nudy, Lil Durk, DaBaby, and Offset. The album was also a big success, peaking at number 50 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Stunna 4 Vegas and DaBaby then toured the country together and performed at several concerts. Many singles by Stunna have followed, including Tomorrow featuring Moneybagg Yo, Flintstones featuring BannUpPrince; Boat 4 Vegas starring Lil Yachty; Up The Smoke featuring Offset, and Long featuring Stunna. According to the Billboard Hot 100, the song “Really” by DaBaby, which was released in September 2019 and peaked at #63, features Kirk’s vocals.

Stunna 4 Vegas

Rich Youngin, Stunna’s sophomore studio album, was released in 2020 to mixed reviews and reached number 29 on the Billboard 200. In the same year, Vegas released his debut single, Go Stupid, which debuted at #60 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became his second charting song overall. Welcome to Stunna 4 Vegas, his third studio album, was released towards the end of 2020.

Stunna 4 Vegas’s net worth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $2 million.

Stunna 4 Vega’s Net Worth is expected to reach approximately $2 million in the United States by 2022. He is a rising star in the music industry who gained a lot of attention at a young age. He shot to fame with the release of his single Animal and has since collaborated with other rappers on several popular songs. His work as a rapper brings in a large amount of money for him. Album sales, gigs, collaborations, and his top songs all bring in a lot of money for him.

On July 20, 2016, the rapper launched a YouTube channel. The yearly pay of Stunna 4 Vegas is around $400,000. In addition, Stunna likes to spend his money on high-end chains, such as the billion-dollar infant entertainment chain, which is valued at roughly $65,000. Additionally, he has a white Mercedes-Benz G Wagon and a scarlet Lamborghini Aventador.

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