Takt Op Destiny Season 2: Do We Have To Wait Till 2023 For Its Release?

Takt Op Destiny Season 2


Takt Op Destiny Season 2 has finally aired its final episode, the last episode of season one, this Wednesday, December 31. The anime makers have given the show a beautiful ending with the defeat of monsters and victory followed by the confession of the main character to each other, which made the fans very happy.

But, at the same time, the viewers of the show are excited to know about the next season of the anime Takt Op. Destiny. Here is all we know about the upcoming season 2 of this wonderful anime.

Will there be a Takt Op Destiny Season 2?

Well, currency neither Madhouse nor MAPPA have renewed this anime for a Takt Op Destiny Season 2. Extending this anime for a Takt Op Destiny Season 2 is not simple as it seems, and that’s because this anime is a part of the multimedia platform, which includes Video game concepts rather than being on a novel or any manga series.

However, this anime show gained lots of appreciation and high ratings from its fans and viewers, which makes having a second season quite higher. Suppose the show will make a good earning along with will ratings. In that case, the makers will automatically think about making the Takt Op Destiny Season 2.

When will be Takt Op Destiny Season 2 Released?

Takt Op Destiny Season 2

Since the production team of this anime has not publicly announced the renewal of the Takt Op Destiny Season 2, fans might have to wait longer than the expected time period. As the final episode of season one aired this week, we can expect the shooting of season 2 might start next year.

If the production goes well, without any delay, fans can also expect an early teaser before the end of 2022. However, it’s a high chance that if the anime gets a Takt Op Destiny Season 2, we will be able to see it only in 2023.

What can be the Plot of Takt Op Destiny Season 2?

In the final episode of season one, we have seen how Destiny has defeated Orpheus successfully. She then immediately goes to Takt to support him in his battle with monsters. However, when she learns about Sagan’s intention to destroy the whole planet and flee off with monsters, she gets angry and shoots him with her weapon. In the mean process, Takt gets hurt while trying to save destiny, and she confesses her feeling for him while he remains unconscious on the ground.

Following the defeat of the D2, the plot of the next edition will most likely focus on additional Musical members. Other unfinished ends, such as Anna’s odd transformation into Destiny and far ramifications, will very certainly be answered. With the main plot set to take a completely new course, it’ll be exciting to watch season 2 of this wonderful anime.

Where can You Watch Takt Op Destiny Season 2?

You can watch Takt Op Destiny Season 2 on Crunchyroll after its release. Meanwhile, you can enjoy and stream the previous episodes on season one on various platforms too. According to the regional timing, this anime show is released every Wednesday at midnight. You and enjoy the show at Crunchyroll, KissAnime, GoGoAnime, and on Zoro for free with English and other subtitles too.

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