Tales of the City Season 2: Is the event Postponed?

Tales of the City Season 2

Tales of the City Season 2 News: Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City returned to Netflix on June 7th, two decades after it initially aired on Showtime. Those expecting for Tales of the City Season 2 will be disappointed to find that the show will not be returning.

June 2017 was a surprise when the prequel series to the PBS, Showtime and Channel 4 show that aired in the 1990’s and 2000s was announced.

Tales of the City Season 2

The programme launched on Netflix on June 7th, 2019 after a two-year development period.

It was based on a series of novels by the same name, Tales of the City. However, it was revised in the late 1970s for a modern audience.

Is Tales of the City Season 2 on the way to Netflix?

The programme has not yet been renewed, according to official information received on 15 June 2019. Despite the show’s high ratings, Tales of the City Season 2 is quite doubtful.

Just to get things started, this is a Limited Series. Netflix uses the word “limited series” to designate short-lived productions like this one, despite the fact that it was always intended to be a one-season effort.

Because of the show’s all-star cast, Tales of the City Season 2 may not be in the cards. Several well-known performers are returning to the show while also balancing other commitments. However, there are other celebs who are now working on original content for the streaming service.

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Due to its source material, the show’s content is limited. That doesn’t imply there isn’t more content that can be covered in this series; rather, it serves as a prologue.

For future Netflix programmes, the following novels may be considered:-

  • Cakes for the little ones (1984)
  • Friends and Family (1987)
  • Am I right? (1989)
  • Michael Tolliver Is Still Alive! (2007)
  • When Mary Ann is in the Fall (2010)
  • The Anna Madrigal Era (2014)

In the case of these books, they have yet to be turned into television programmes. New cast members might be added or even replaced by Netflix by negotiating arrangements to adapt future novels.

More Tales of the City and “Further Tales of the City” Are They Available Anywhere Else?

Many of Netflix’s original series aren’t accessible to stream on the streaming service. Netflix reboots have often failed to live up to their hype. Netflix couldn’t get the original Full House series for “Fuller House,” for example.

It’s extremely tough to get streaming rights because so many networks and production firms were involved in the original series.

The only way to see the original is through a video-on-demand (VoD) service at this time.

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