The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 Cast List Has Been Revealed

The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2

The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 has been updated: HBO Max appeared to have hung the mistletoe at the start of the holiday season. We’ve put another season of Natasha Rothwell’s narrated dating competition series on our Christmas wish list as the holidays approach.

Season two of HBO Max’s The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 has officially shown its teaser, and things are already heating up as three new singles search for the perfect person to bring home for the holidays.

Markelle Smith is looking for “the feeling he had with his ex,” Danny Escalante is looking for “a female to settle down with,” and Amanda Grace Jenkins is looking for a “nice lady with a wild side” in season two.

In this season, which begins Nov. 25, the three characters will be allocated potential love interests until they discover their Christmas plus ones. Is there an endless supply of appealing singles? What a fantastic Christmas gift.

Season two seems to be plenty of drama, with hot tub make-out sessions, a lot of tequila shots, and a lot of tears.

Furthermore, Markelle states that he “must say goodbye” to everyone, while another voice states that they “feel like they made the wrong choice.” So, what’s going on here? It is necessary to provide responses.

The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2

The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 Trailer

In season one of 12 Dates of Christmas, which is executive produced by showrunners Pip Wells and Kimberly Goodman, the swoon-worthy couple Chad Savage and Kate Steinberg proposed. They were designed to be decorations, in a sense.

Is it possible that the three of them will find love before the holidays? We can’t wait to find out on November 25.

Meanwhile, have a look at the new trailer, which you can see above. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2’s cast.

The series follows three singles as they journey to a lovely winter paradise in search of someone special to bring home for the holidays, narrated by Natasha Rothwell of The White Lotus. According to HBO Max, “The 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 spice up the Christmas season with even more dating drama, romance, and surprises within the fantasy lodge.”

Amanda is a lesbian, Markelle is homosexual, Danny is straight, and Amanda is a lesbian.

12 Dates of Christmas will air on HBO Max on Thursday, November 25. After the jump, check out the new trailer!

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