The 355: The Release Date, Plot, Cast, Script, and Other Details

The 355: The Release Date, Plot, Cast, Script, and Other Details


The 355 is an upcoming Hollywood movie full of action and led by four female characters. This movie is all set to hit the theatres by this month, which will leave everyone spellbound with its exciting action thriller storey. The movie storey revolves around four girls playing the role of great undercover agents all across the globe.

The 355

However, these four spies belong from different parts of the world, i.e., one from Germany, one is from Columbia, one is from British, and another one is from America went on missions individually. Finally, they realised that they aimed to chase for a single person who had a powerful weapon, and then they teamed up together to join the forces to save the world from all evil powers.

The 355 Release Date

The 355 was already released in the United Kingdom on 7th January following a delay from 2021 due to some unknown issue.

The 355 will be released on 21st January in India under the direction of Simon Kinberg, distributed by Universal Pictures. Screenplay by Theresa Rebeck accompanied by Kimber and the storey writer of the movie The 355 is Rebeck.

The 355 Movie Cast

The 355 spy movie has an incredible cast playing influential roles.

Jessica Chastain plays a significant role of an officer of the Central Intelligence Agency named Mason ‘Mace’ Browne.

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Penelope Cruz plays a substantial role as an undercover agent of the National Intelligence Directorate of Columbia, psychologist Graciela Rivera, and a member of The 355 team.

Fan Bingbing starring Li Mi Sheng, a secret agent of the Ministry of State Security of China and a supportive member of The 355.

Diane Kruger as Marie Schmidt an undercover of Federal Intelligence Service of Germany, playing the Rival German who teams up with The 355 to accomplish a secret mission of saving the world.

LupitaNyong’ O as Khadijah Adiyeme, a former undercover agent of Secret Intelligence service from the United Kingdom and a team member of The 355.

Sebastian Stan will be playing the role of a CIA officer, Mace’s fellow worker, who will be seen assisting Mace in this secret mission.

Edgar Ramirez is a DNI undercover agent named Luis Rojas.

The following stars will play other supporting roles in the movie: Jason Wong as Stevens, Emilio Insolera starring as Giovani Lupo, John Douglas Thompson will be playing Larry Marks, the role of Imam Ahmed and Grady will be playing by Hiten Patel and Leo Staar, Sylvester Groth will be playing Jonas Muller and Oleg Kricunov starring as PyotrKhasanov.

The 355 Plot

The movie starts with chaos when a drug lord in Bogota, Columbia, introduces Elijah Clarke, an evil mastermind from the criminal world who invented a device that can access any digital gadget on the planet; Clarke killed him when the higher officials raid the house.

However, his device went to the hand of a DNI agent Luis Rojas; Mason Brown Mace and his Boyfriend and co-worker were assigned to escape the device from him. Still, the movie took a big turn when the bag of money was being swiped by Marie Schmidt, a BND agent who belongs to Germany. Mace ran after Marie, but she escaped, and Clarke caught Nick in an alley.

Later in the CIA headquarters, Mason knew that Nick was killed in the Alley by Clarke. Then she went to London after getting advice from her higher official Larry Marks to approach her very old friend Khadijah Adiyeme, a retired agent at MI-6, to assist her in the mission of discovering the device.

Rojas tried to give the Device to Graciela Rivera, a DNI agent an Amateur. Mace and Khadijah Tracked Luis Rojar and Graciela, and in between, they killed Rojar; before dying, Rojar handed Graciela a phone that would track the device’s location.

However, Mace and Khadijah catch Graciela and make her understand that it would be better to cooperate and find the thief together. So four of them went to Morocco with the Drive and joined the Rival mercenaries.

Again the Drive was stolen and was put into an auction, and the girls are again failed. However, a Chinese woman named Li Mi Sheng helped them.

This way, following uncertainties, the storey continues; these four undercover agents team up as “The 355,” and overcoming all the difficulties, they Destroy the Drive at the movie’s end.

Once the mission is over, the girls get separated, but they promise to reunite if anything bad happens in the future.

The 355 Trailer

The trailer begins by showing the CIA officer Mace narrating the storey.

The 355 was a secret name used by an agent during the American revolution. To continue her legacy, four girls from different nations who served as an undercover agent went on a secret mission to rescue the device, leading to mass massacres, not knowing someone was tracking them.

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The 355 is a thriller movie based on the adventures of four undercover agents trying to accomplish the same mission of protecting people everywhere. The 355 is a group of skilled secret agents who leave their families behind to rescue a device, following an exciting storyline full of action and suspense. Half of the movie is set up on enemies turning upon friends.

Thus, viewers will like this movie because of its fantastic star cast and incredible thriller storey. According to Netizens reports, The 355 film will not be superhit as it has so many twists and turns with a simple ending. Well, let us know what you think about the movie and your expectations. Share your thoughts.

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