The Last OG Season 5: Is It Really Happening Or Is It Just a Rumour?

The Last OG Season 5: Is It Really Happening Or Is It Just a Rumour?


The Last OG Season 5 is a comedy-centered genre series with a total number of 4 seasons released to date. The series started to air on March 31, 2018, and is still expecting to renew for its upcoming 5th season. John Carcieri and Jordan Peele worked as the creator in charge, Jason Wang, Alex Rubens and Steven Ast as the producers, and Tracy Morgan, Allen Maldonado, Tiffany Haddish, Tylor Christian Mosby, Dante Hoagland and Ryan Gaul are the major cast members.

The Last OG Season 5: Plot

The series follows a simple yet thrilling plot with a gangster named Tray, who has been in prison for the past 15 years and has finally got released on the terms of presently good behavior. The moment he is bailed out of the prison, he realizes nothing is the same as it used to be.

These 15 years have taken away almost everything from his life. His existence has become blurry in the eyes of people who know him. The hope of his coming back had slipped away completely. Now that he is out, he knows that his girlfriend Shay married another man, who even supported her with her two twin sons.

Tray wishes to be a father to his twin sons. Still, he struggles throughout the series due to the lack of financial support and everything else.

The Last OG Season 5

The Last OG Season 5: Review

The Last OG has successfully received good ratings and reviews from its loving fans for most of its episodes. Still, at the same time, it has been considered a fine series by other reviewers. Undoubtedly, the viewers are impressed with its characters, the plot, and how the show managed to balance everything perfectly.

The viewers could double tick the genre of the series as comedy, as it does well in what it says it is all about. Still, it is also necessary to note that the series is losing its grip with every new season. The last recently completed season experienced a fall in the ratings and the number of viewers.

The Last OG Season 5: Happening or Just a Rumour

The viewers, soon after the ending of The Last OG Season 4, when searching on the internet regarding the updates of The Last OG season 5, on receiving no official statement regarding its renewal, are very confused if it is going to happen or if it is simply a rumor which is randomly spreading all around.

Our anticipation and every update that we have been able to gather directly to inform the viewers that the only truth they must believe for now is that there is no official announcement made regarding the renewal or the cancellation of the series.

Though, one can always speculate things from their end, which is why our speculations after looking at the end of Season 4 do hint that another season is required. But, let’s leave the final decision in the makers’ hands.

The Last OG Season 5: Release Date and Release Platform

The latest updates could not give a definite idea about the happening or the cancellation of next season. So, for now, we cannot give any official updates regarding the release date or platform. However, knowing that The Last OG Season 4 just ended a few days back, the further making takes a lot of time.

We can speculate that the viewers will have to wait a little longer than expected for its renewal. Also, the release platform, which has been TBS till the latest season, premiered, so The Last OG season 5 of is officially renewed can be seen premiering on this same TBS network.

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