The Matrix (1999): Where To Stream Online? Is It On Netflix, Prime, HBO or Others?

The Matrix (1999): Where To Stream Online? Is It On Netflix, Prime, HBO or Others?


The Matrix is the 1999 hit sci-fi film that stars Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne, Joe Pantoliano and Hugo Weaving. The movie forms the first part of the franchise that has been directed and penned by The Wachowskis, whereas Joel Silver has overlooked the production. The movie was initially set for a trilogy with two parts released in 2003- The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

But in 2020, the fourth instalment named The Matrix Resurrections was intimated to be made that is now scheduled to premiere in December this year. So before hoping onto the new release, do give the first three parts a watch, and in this article, we will tell you where you can stream The Matrix (1999) online.

Is The Matrix Available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, owing to the legal distribution rights of the movie with Warner Brothers, the movie, along with its subsequent sequels, is not available on Netflix for streaming. The possibility of it being available in the near future is uncertain as of now. So the avid fans have to look for other options to enjoy the movie.

The Matrix

However, if you like The Matrix kind of movies, then options like Inception, Snowpiercer, Annihilation, Blade Runner and others are worth exploring as well.

Is The Matrix Available on Amazon Prime Video?

It can either be rented for $3.99 or bought for $14.99 in high definition quality from Amazon Prime. So the ones who are looking for the movie on Prime do not have to worry anymore as all the three parts are available on the service.

Is The Matrix Available on HBO Max?

It can be streamed in HD resolution with subtitles on HBO Max. This means the users can simply decide when they are willing to watch the movie and dive right in. If you also wish to watch the rest of the trilogy movies, you can even do that too.

Where to Stream The Matrix?

The storey of the movie sees Keanu Reeves’ Thomas Anderson, a.k.a Neo, a computer programmer in search of Morpheus in order to provide the answer to What is Matrix? Morpheus is considered to be the most dangerous man alive, and Neo is taken to him by Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity, where they all fight the underground war against the computers who have created his with a system known to be the Matrix.

Apart from HBO Max, the movie can also be streamed on Hulu along with subtitles in high definition picture quality. Other than Amazon Prime Video, the option to rent in the film in 4K resolution or HD quality can be availed from iTunes, Vudu, Google Play Movies, YouTube TV, DirecTV, Spectrum on Demand, Microsoft store, Redbox and AMC on Demand.

However, purchasing facility is also available on Redbox, Microsoft store, YouTube TV, Google Play Movies, Vudu, iTunes, AMC on Demand and DirecTVeither in HD or 4K resolution. Now that you know where to find the movie online, without any further ado, start it right away!

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