The Mess You Leave Behind: Release Date, Cast, and More for Netflix

The Mess You Leave Behind


The Mess You Leave Behind News: the film is based on Carlos Montero’s book The Mess You Leave Behind. The book has been adapted into a television program.

The Mess You Leave Behind: Release Date

This year’s release date for the mystery drama series is December 11th. The eight episodes will most likely be released all at once.

The Mess You Leave Behind tells the story of Raquel, who tries to save her marriage but ends up returning to her birthplace in Galicia, Spain. When she returns, she gets a substitute teaching position at one of the local schools. She soon discovers, however, that she took over the position from Elvira, who committed herself.

The Mess You Leave Behind: Cast Update

The Mess You Leave Behind

Characters from the Spanish genre appear in the show’s screenplay.

Inma Cuesta, an Arde Madrid actress, plays the prominent part of Raquel. Elvira is played by Magical Girl actor Barbara Lennie, German is played by Tamar Novas, and Lago is played by Elites Aron Piper. Mauro is played by Roberto Enriquez, who previously starred in the film The Impatient Alchemist.

Trailer Update

On November 10th, the show’s teaser will be revealed. A compilation of footage from Raquel’s first days at her new work as a teacher in Galicia.

The Mess You Leave Behind: Plot

Raquel, who has remarried, strives to maintain a good relationship. She relocates to Galicia, Spain’s birthplace. She joins one of the local schools as a substitute for Elvira. Elvira was also a local schoolteacher who took her own life.

Raquel observes anything peculiar about the corpse a few days later. The third season will be scripted and directed by the author, who also co-wrote the second season.

This is the first drama series of its sort to be shot entirely in Spain.

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