The Mess You Leave Behind Season 2: Released on Netflix?

The Mess You Leave Behind Season 2

The Mess You Leave Behind Season 2 has been updated.

Carlos Montero, the man behind the mega-hit Elite, has released a new album called The Mess You Leave Behind (or El desorden que dejas in Spanish). However, the prospects of it being renewed for a second season on Netflix are nil.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to see the programme because of the ambiguity here, don’t be. We can tell you that the show wraps up well, and we’re not here to offer you any more spoilers.

The series is based on a novel and follows a young teacher who gives her marriage a second chance by relocating to her husband’s hometown. From then, things start to become a little bleak.

Because the programme is mainly planned to be a miniseries, it will not be renewed for a second season (or limited series as some regions label it).

The Mess You Leave Behind Season 2: Update

The Mess You Leave Behind Season 2

Carlos Montero verified this in an interview (as translated into English by Google Translate):

“It’s a miniseries,” says the narrator. It’s based on a novel of the same name. I enjoy multi-season programmes, but only when they are well-conceived. I want ‘Elite’ to be the Netflix equivalent of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I want it to last for at least 20 seasons. However, this one must be the last. That is correct.

When I see ‘Big Little Lies,’ I thought to myself, ‘Poor folks, why did they make a second season?’ I understand their enormous success, but they typically had to say what they had to say.

What happens if I decide to undertake a second season? Is it okay if I hire Raquel as a private investigator? It’s incomprehensible. You had to close it, and I did so in that manner. “, as in the novel ”

We do, however, have some good news for Carlos Montero supporters. Aside from the upcoming instalments of Elite, he’s also working on a new fantasy thriller called Feria, which will premiere on Netflix later in 2021.

Following two sisters who discover a different side to their parents once it is discovered that they are monsters, Feria will follow them. The series will be largely in Spanish once again.

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