The Postcard Murders: The Final Chapter & Every Other Detail

The Postcard Murders


The Postcard Murders News: The thriller is directed by Danis Tanovi and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jacob Kanon, an NYPD agent on the hunt for a perpetrator who brutally murdered his daughter and her husband. The film tackles morality while providing insight into the mind of a mortal.

The Postcard Killings plot summary: Based on the novel ‘The Postcard Killers’ by James Patterson and Liza Marklund, this cinematic adaptation begins with the blood-drained and dismembered bodies of a newlywed couple on their honeymoon to depict an artwork, and they happen to be Kanon’s daughter and her husband.

Later, Kanon and the police officers learn that it is the work of a pair of serial killers who are killing happy couples all throughout Europe.

Plot Summary Of The Postcard Killings:

They send a postcard to a local newspaper before coming in each place, offering a glimpse of the artwork they would next depict with the dead bodies. Along with Kanon, the film depicts the journey of a young couple named Sylvia (Naomi Battrick) and Mac Rodalph (Ruairi O’Connor) around Europe.

They meet Peiter (Dylan Devonald Smith), an unnerving man who later introduces them to his wife Nienke (Sallie Harmsen).

The Postcard Murders

The Real Perpetrators

We are lead to believe that Peter and Nienke are the murderers throughout the first half of the film, but the twist comes when they are slain as well. Only then do we know we’ve been granted a glimpse into the minds of Sylvia and Mac, the genuine postcard killers?

A Broken Protagonist

It’s hardly surprise that Kanon begins to bury his grief in booze following the loss of his beloved kid and her spouse. After his estranged wife Valerie (Famke Janssen) tosses away the booze bottles, he becomes preoccupied by his grief, breaking down at times and yelling at his coworkers.

Dessie Lombard (Cush Jumbo), a local newspaper reporter, assists him at the time, and it is she who receives the postcard before the serial killers arrive in Stockholm.

A Cruel Father

While Kanon is hunting the killers, Valerie visits the killers’ father in prison, who has been accused of embezzling money and has been imprisoned because of his own son. Simon Haysmith Sr. was the father of Mac Haysmith and Marina Haysmith, who is now Valerie Haysmith.

It appears that they were having an incestuous connection, and their father tried all he could to put an end to it, including brutally abusing them every day. The next-door neighbour later corroborated this. Their father instilled in kids a love of art, and their murders are a method of rebelling and seeking answers.


Lombard writes a storey about the murders, which, as expected, elicits a response from the perpetrators. They have chosen her to be their final victim. When Kanon shoots Simon, they capture Lombard and are going to murder him.

In Marina’s embrace, he passes away. The killers were eventually determined to be adoptive rather than blood relatives. Marina calls Naysmith towards the end of the movie. She is still alive and will most likely pursue him now.

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