Yoo Young-Chul, The Raincoat Killer, Has Been Arrested? Also, the most recent information

The Raincoat Killer

The Raincoat Killer Updated: Chasing a Predator in Korea: A Netflix Original Film, The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea, goes into how investigators identified Yoo Young-Chul as the city’s serial killer.

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The three-part docu-series takes viewers behind the scenes of the investigation, with interviews with main investigators and forensic experts who worked on the case. After the investigation came to a halt, authorities were able to detain Yoo Young-Chul.

The killer’s Modus Operandi and the victims he targeted were difficult to piece together, according to authorities. Yoo was captured owing to a citizen’s phone call, according to The Raincoat Killer.

The murder of a family sparked an inquiry into the matter.

The Raincoat Killer

The Raincoat Killer’s first episode depicts how authorities began to piece together the wider picture of a possible serial killer. Authorities were alerted to the brutal murder of a family when the grandfather returned from work. The evidence discovered at the crime site was related to a case that had been open for two weeks. Authorities were ignorant of the relationship, according to the docu-series, since jurisdictions kept to themselves.

On CCTV, the perpetrator was observed wearing the victim’s jacket at a fourth crime site. However, the leads turned cold as the authorities were preoccupied by a series of occurrences in the red-light district and the collapse of Korea’s economy. Yoo began to target sex workers as a consequence of a change in circumstances, and the case was closed.

The Raincoat Killer All-New Information about the Series?

The docuseries doesn’t go into great depth about why Yoo targeted sex workers. According to officials, this is because sex workers keep their genuine names and lives hidden. The majority of the time, if a sex worker went missing, no one would notice. Yoo was able to track them down while staying unnoticed. The cops catch a break in episode 2 of The Raincoat Killer.

Many of his females had gone, according to a brothel owner. He couldn’t think it was simply a coincidence until he received a phone call from a man asking for a certain female. The man contacted a phone number that belonged to one of his employees who had gone missing. The owner called a detective acquaintance and planned an operation to apprehend the offender.

Authorities apprehended Yoo Young-Chul, a man. The use of extreme force by the main investigators to get a confession was one of the most distressing parts of Yoo’s questioning. Yoo ultimately admitted to murdering the elderly victims, but the cops made a crucial mistake.

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