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Wentworth Season 9


Wentworth Season 9 Updates: Wentworth (also known as ‘Wentworth Prison’) is an Australian drama series written by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam, based on Reg Watson’s original 1979 series. Bea Smith is imprisoned to the titular jail after attempting to kill her violent husband in the Foxtel original series set in modern Australia. In succeeding seasons, Bea is followed as she learns the ins and outs of the jailhouse and rises to the top of the prison hierarchy until the focus shifts to other people.

The sitcom has spawned eight seasons since its premiere in 2013 to tremendous praise and critical acclaim. Critics appreciated the show’s brutal and realistic representation of prison life, as well as the nuanced acting by strong female leads. After the suspenseful cliffhanger finish of the eighth season, fans must be excited to see the characters again. We can assist you in finding the location of the ninth chapter of the series!

Wentworth Season 9

Wentworth Season 9 Release Date

The whole eighth season of ‘Wentworth’ aired on Netflix on September 30, 2020. The sitcom began in Australia on Fox Showcase on July 28, 2020, ahead of its US broadcast, and the season finale will run on September 29, 2020. There are 10 episodes in the eighth season, each lasting around an hour. Now let’s go into the details of the forthcoming season’s release. The announcement of the expected ninth season’s renewal delivers both good and bad news to die-hard fans of the show. Following the completion of the sixth season in December 2018, the network announced that the programme has been renewed for an eighth season, which would consist of twenty episodes split into two parts.

Part 2 of the eighth season (or season 9) was released in October 2019, about a year later, putting the show to a finale. The final order’s first season debuted in 2020. Due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, development on Season 9 was sadly interrupted. In a tweet, series producer Pino Amenta revealed that the final season would air on September 4, 2020, bringing the epic 100-episode narrative to a climax.

Because the original Australian network has yet to establish a date for the show’s release in the United States, it’s difficult to determine when the last episode will be accessible. Netflix US normally distributes a season a few days after it airs on the original Australian network. Season 9 (or season 8 part 2) of ‘Wentworth’ is planned to launch in October 2021, providing the makers keep to the release timetable of prior seasons.

Wentworth Season 9 Cast: Who is in it?

Season 9 of Wentworth will, obviously, bring back the majority of the series’ live characters from prior seasons in the grand finale. Marie Winter will be played by Susie Porter, undercover detective Rita Connors will be played by Leah Purcell, Allie Novak will be played by Kate Jenkinson, and Ruby Mitchell will be played by Rarriwuy Hick. In the forthcoming season, Pamela Rabe will resume her fan-favorite role of Joan Ferguson. Nicole da Silva (Franky), Kate Atkinson (Vera), Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson), Katrina Milosevic (Boomer), and Bernard Curry will all have significant parts in the film (Jake Stewart). Lou Kelly, Ann Reynolds, Judy Bryant, and Reb Keane will be played by Kate Box, Jane Hall, Vivienne Awosoga, and Zoe Terakes, all of whom are relatively new cast members.

Season 9 Plot: What is it About?

In the eighth season, Lou Kelly and her associates cause mayhem behind jail. As the prison’s existing hierarchies are threatened by the fresh convicts, the season finale is fraught with hair-raising suspense. Due to misinformation, Lou beats up Allie, but Marie comes just in time and hits the emergency button. Allie, on the other hand, suffers a serious injury in the shower as a result of Judy’s rage towards the end of the episode.

Judy admits to the attack on Ann in Wentworth Season 9, and we discover that she used Reb’s money to hire a hitman to murder a US government figure. Meanwhile, Boomer discovers that her phone pal runs a jail illegial website and attempts to get Ruby to join her. Joan Ferguson’s episodes deteriorate despite Vera’s attempts as she revisits her past trauma, and we see her under a mesh hood in the closing minutes. Season nine will, unsurprisingly, pick up the pieces after the dark ending of season eight. The season will surely wrap up a number of storey lines as the compelling prison drama comes to a climax. One of the main concerns among fans is whether Allie will be able to survive the attack. In the final season, this will surely be discovered.

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Joan’s destiny will be another fascinating narrative element of Season 9, as she has previously depicted herself as a brutal and domineering tyrant. Once Judy’s horrific deeds are uncovered, she might expect revenge from her fellow convicts. All things considered, the fan-favorite show’s last season will be just as dark, atmospheric, and action-packed as the previous seasons.

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