The Seven Deadly Sins: What’s the Best Way to Watch Them?

The Seven Deadly Sins: What’s the Best Way to Watch Them?

The Seven Deadly Sins is an amazing series, but where do you begin? Anyone who wants to start watching the series but isn’t sure where to begin may find the series overwhelming due to the numerous seasons, movies, and OVAs.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Even if you’re here, you don’t have to worry about the sequence in which you should watch The Seven Deadly since we’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

It’s time for some binge-watching, so grab your popcorn.

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Are there any particular rules when watching The Seven Deadly Sins?

Deadly Sins: A Watchlist for Your Convenience

  • There are seven seasons of Deadly Sins, the first of which was shown in 2014. There are 24 episodes in the first season of Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Ban’s take on the Seven Deadly Sins: Deadly Sins OVA was released in 2015, and this OVA is part of it. There are a total of two episodes in this animated short.
  • Signs of Holy War: Deadly Sins The OVA was published in 2016 and contains four episodes from the Seven Deadly Sins series.

  • Revival of the Ten Commandments and Deadly Sins: Deadly Sins: Season 2 was published in 2018 and is now available to stream or download. There are 24 episodes in the second season of Deadly Sins.
  • After the second season of The Deadline Sins, an OVA called Deadly Sins: Heroes Frolic was published in the same year as the second season. In the OVA, there is just a single episode to be found.
  • Deadly Sins was released in 2018 as a prequel to the upcoming “The Seven Deadly Sins” franchise.
  • God’s wrath: the seven deadly sins Season 3 of the series was released in 2019 as the third instalment. There are 24 episodes in Season 3.
  • There are 24 episodes in this season of Deadly Sins: Judgement of Fury, the fourth in the series’ overall runtime of 24 minutes. After a decade of development, Deadly Sins: Judgement of Fury was released in 2021.

The Seven Deadly Sins

  • Deadly Sins II: Cursed by Light was released in 2021 and is the sequel to  Deadly Sins. The most recent entry in the series is Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light.
  • Deadly Sins franchise consists of a television series, three animated short films, and two feature films, so don’t waste any time and hit play.

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