The Silent Sea: When Does It Come Out on December 24th, and What Should You Know Before Watching It?

The Silent Sea


The Silent Sea is directed by Choi Hang-yang and will premiere on Netflix as a science-fictional Korean drama series. This tv programme was written by Park Eun-Kyo, who helped adapt Choi Han-2014 yang’s short film The Sea of Tranquility into a tv show. It’s an Artist Studio project, and executive producer Jung Woo-sung is a well-known South Korean artist.

Prepare yourself for some interesting South Korean content, as Netflix delivers its K-Drama entertainment, The Silent Sea, to the Moon. As a special Christmas treat, members may watch The Silent Sea on Netflix starting on Christmas Eve. Everything you need to know about The Silent Sea, including the plot, cast, and Netflix release date, is right here.

When Will It Be Released And Where Will You Be Able To See It?

The Silent Sea will be available for viewing on Netflix on Friday, December 24, 2021, and will be available globally. The Silent Sea, according to reports, will have a maximum of eight episodes. The show’s production would have started in August 2020.

Only Netflix would be allowed to see the series. Audiences may keep up with the show by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Is It Worth Watching?

The Silent Sea

In South Korea, the creative sector has risen in popularity. Anything that comes out of South Korea, whether it’s music or movie, seems to be a smash. Netflix is aiming to benefit from the situation as a result. Netflix is prepared to pick up the pace with the next series, ‘The Silent Sea,’ after receiving an excellent responses for a number of its Korean projects.

The series looks to be a fantastic complement to films like ‘Squid Game‘ and ‘Hellbound,’ which have already gained tremendous acclaim in Korea. The creators of ‘The Silent Sea’ should anticipate a good reception for their new show, especially considering its sci-fi aspects, which are usually a hit with Netflix viewers all around the world.

Storyline Expected

The Earth is withering and will soon be desertified. The last hope for Earth’s survival was in the hands of a professional team sent to the Moon with the mission of obtaining a mysterious object from the Balhae Base experiment facility.

Casting Expectations

Two actors from ‘Squid Game’ are among the cast members of the sci-fi programme. Gong Yoo and Heo Sung-Tae will play Han Yoon-Jae and Kim Jae-sun, respectively, in the series, while Bae Doona from ‘The Host’ will play Doctor Song Ji-an. Other cast members include Rye Tae Seok’s Lee Joon, Gong Soo Hyuk’s Lee Moo Saeng, Soo Chan’s Jung Soon Won, and more.


Two teasers for The Silent Sea have been released thus far. According to the teaser, mankind is grappling with a variety of difficulties on Earth. A crew of astronauts heading to the Moon, however, encounters a sequence of dangerous situations while extracting a piece of mysterious evidence from the lunar experiment station.

Things quickly spin out of control as the astronauts realise something is amiss with the laboratory. Is anyone else there with them? How would the group cope with the enigmatic figure if that’s the case?

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