The Starling: Should You Stream or Skip The Starling This Holiday Season?

The Starling: Should You Stream or Skip The Starling This Holiday Season?


The Starling: In recent years, Netflix has dabbled in a variety of initiatives. One such example is The Starling, which was released on September 17 this year. Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd feature in the film, which is directed by Theodore Melfi. The film had its world premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival before being released on Netflix. Below you can find a list of the film’s positive and negative qualities.

The Starling’s Synopsis

A married couple, Jack and Lily, go through a lot after their infant daughter dies. Jack is in a mental institution as a result of the unexpected occurrences, and Lily is left alone at home to deal with her inner sentiments.

Lily starts working at a grocery shop to help support her family while simultaneously attempting to get her husband out of the mental institution.

The Starling: When her life is already in shambles and she has no one by her side, a Starling who has built a nest in Maynards’ garden begins to disturb her. She must now strive to get rid of the annoying Starling while also determining whether Jack truly wishes to return home.

She longs for Jack to return home after living alone for so hunger, and she imagines what life might be like if he did.

In the mental hospital, on the other hand, Jack is undergoing counselling to help him overcome the mental health challenges he has been experiencing.

When Lily is in the mental hospital, Jack’s counsellor proposes that she have her own counsellor since she has gone through similar experiences and believes that a counsellor would be beneficial.

As a result of this, Lily meets Larry, a psychiatrist who has turned to the veterinarian for help. Slowly, they create a particular friendship and support one another through their pain.

The Starling’s Reception

The Starling, unlike any other Netflix film, has no intrinsic value. It’s dry and covers a lot of ground, which detracts from the film’s main point. Despite having a brilliant ensemble including Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd, the film fails to capture the interest of its viewers.

The Starling

The Starling garnered largely negative reviews, with many critics claiming that the writing was ineffective. Furthermore, critics referred to it as odd, peculiar, and terrible due to its poor execution. On Rotten Tomatoes, even the crowd approves with a score of 21%.

Information on the cast – The Starling

Melissa McCarthy plays Lily Maynard, Chris O’Dowd plays Jack Maynard, Kevin Kline plays Dr. Larry Fine, Timothy Olyphant plays Travis Delp, Skyler Gisondo plays Dickie, Kimberly Quinn plays Regina, David Diggs plays Ben, and Loretta Devine plays Velma in the Sartlings flicks. Sherri is played by Laura Harrier, Alice is played by Emily Tremaine, Dr. Manmohan is played by Ravi Kapoor, and so on.

With all of the negative reviews and its status as Netflix’s pointless attempt, The Starings has more flaws than strengths. Even if the performances were excellent, the film was unable to stay afloat due to the convoluted plot and several focus points. You may watch this movie on Netflix if you want to see how a movie can go awry.

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