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The Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller’s aims in The Suicide Squad appear to be threatened by Blackguard’s betrayal at the start of the movie, but his actions were all part of her plan from the start. Waller was established as a quasi-villain for the franchise in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad (2016). James Gunn’s soft reboot improves on this concept by making her a wholly unlikeable character.

Waller dispatched two Suicide Squad units to Corto Maltese as part of her Suicide Squad training. While the first, larger unit comes to the south, Blackguard (Pete Davidson) declares their presence in the open and warns them that the majority of the Corto Maltese army is prepared for them in the trees.

As he tries to explain to the troops that he was the one who phoned to alert them to the attack, they shoot him in the face, and Rick Flag tells Waller that Blackguard has sold them out. This diversion allows Team 2 to go, but it also causes the bulk of Team 1 to perish.

The Suicide Squad’s first act begins with a gruesome fight sequence, some bizarre death sequences for several characters, and confirmation that, owing to Blackguard’s defection, Waller is unconcerned about Task Force X’s safety. However, it also demonstrates that Waller’s goal was always to do this.

According to Team 2, in order for Amanda Waller’s plan to work, Team 1 had to provide a big diversion. The Corto Maltese troops are normally deployed over the island, doing various patrols. It’s possible that if Team 1 landed on the beach before the army was informed, the group may have slipped past the patrols unnoticed.

The Suicide Squad: Theory Explained

The Suicide Squad

Perhaps the most convincing indicator that Waller expected Blackguard to sell Team 1 to the Corto Maltese is the fact that she only offers a detailed briefing to Team 2. During the flashback at the beginning of The Suicide Squad, in the chapter “3 Days Earlier,” Waller gives Bloodsport and his team precise mission instructions and goals.

In contrast, Team 1 is provided relatively little information about their assignment. “Get the complete squad safely to that beach, colonel,” Waller urges Rick Flag in the air on the way to the island.

You’ll get additional orders once you’re there.” Even Rick Flag is kept in the dark about the plans, implying that Waller has no intention of letting any of Team 1’s members make it past the beach.

Rick Flag was most likely the target of Waller’s efforts. The flag has grown to admire criminals like Harley and is likely to oppose Waller’s effort to assassinate them. Furthermore, Rick Flag is well aware that Waller’s plan for The Suicide Squad to delete proof of US cooperation in Starro’s presence in Corto Maltese breaches his moral code.

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