Tokyo Raven Season 2: Will There Be A Season? The big day has here!!

Tokyo Raven Season 2


Tokyo Raven Season 2: Around the same time, Tokyo Ravens, which began as a light novel in 2010, was adapted into a manga. Shounen Ace, a well-known shounen magazine, began to be issued on a monthly basis. Khei Azano’s light book was eventually adapted into animation by Eight Bit.

A similar studio to Star Align made this animation, which was licenced by Funimation. Several local organisations, including Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS, tvk, TV Aichi, AT-X, and BS11, broadcasted it. The anime was released in 24 episodes between October 9, 2013 and March 26, 2014. Let’s take a look back at the series and see what’s new with Tokyo Raven Season 2.

Despite the fact that it has been a long time, supporters are still waiting for the season to begin. Would Tokyo Raven Season 2 be able to combine active and strange anime with regular joys and vivid outlines?

What was the plot of Tokyo Raven Season 2?

Tokyo Raven Season 2

When a Japanese ceremony goes wrong, the city is attacked by malevolent spirits. The Onmyoujis must clear the city of extraterrestrials. Onmyoujis are people who have the ability to perceive ghosts and control their powerful energies. Following the catastrophe in Tokyo, schools to prepare Onmyoujis have begun to operate. Despite the fact that our main character, Tsuchimikado Harutora, is a seasoned Onmyouji, he is unable to detect significant energy.

Because of his failure, he goes about his business as usual, playing around with his pals in the wide country, away from the chaos. Despite his friend’s insistence that he become an Onmyouji, Harutora is also close friends with Natsume, the main family’s beneficiary.

He promised Natsume as a child, but he can’t maintain it because he doesn’t have any supernatural abilities. Natsume, on the other hand, is a brilliant Onmyouji known as a virtuoso, who is the responsibility of the entire family who travels to Tokyo to focus on Onmyouji.

Despite the fact that Harutora must avoid duties in order to avoid becoming Onmyouji. He is unable to escape his predetermination. He chooses to join a prestigious school in Tokyo after losing his treasured buddy and remembers his promise to Natsume. Harutora teams up with Natsume and trains to avenge the 12 Heaven Generals in charge of Tokyo.

Will There Be a Tokyo Raven Season 2?

The anime season has yet to be restored by the Eight Bit studio or light novel/manga distributors. Even yet, the passage of time reduces the likelihood of a following season.

We can’t rule out the possibility just based on the passage of time, since countless anime series have been renewed for another season despite the long gap. Eight Bit, Tokyo Raven’s inventive studio, is still a working animation studio. They recently found out how to renew That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime for another season. It’s an animated adaptation of Fuse’s Light Novel.

Some fundamental features are required for anime restorations, and the chosen advisory committee takes these contributions seriously. Because animes are profit-driven creations, circle deals and fame are important. However, the availability of light-smart sources will also impact the new season’s decision. We hypothesized about Tokyo Raven Season 2 based on these crucial characteristics.

Novel with a light tone

The light original series, directed by Sumihei and scored by Khei Azano, ran from May 20, 2010, until October 20, 2018, and is now tragically over. The series consists of 16 books plus four extra volumes. If we go through the primary volumes, the first nine volumes were altered in a long time throughout the first season.

The surplus source material appears to be seven volumes, according to all reports. Perhaps there isn’t enough source material for the main season’s 24 episodes. In any event, a 12-episode season is possible. However, the manner the series ended years ago limits public relations efforts and eliminates the prospect of an anime season to promote light savvy agreements.

Tokyo Raven Season 2: Popularity

In the fall of 2013, Tokyo Ravenss circle transactions were made, and it sold 2,247 copies in regular volume. In most cases, an anime is expected to sell roughly 4,000 units in order to be renewed for next season.

Circle trades were more common in those years than they are now, because this proclivity isn’t as strong as it once was. Despite the fact that anime looks to be quite popular, as measured by Myanimelist (#374), our momentum metrics indicate that it need more attention for the upcoming season.

In particular, we can see that the amount of Google searches related to anime has decreased recently. In comparison to other animes, the anime has a poor fan base on Twitter, with only 27k followers. The option for Tokyo Raven Season 2 is just difficult.

The End of Tokyo Raven Season 2

Even if the flow universality isn’t adequate for a brief season, it may be frightening at times. We can notice that animes are endorsed in Tokyo Raven Season 2. The anime world is full of surprises.

The light novel has enough content for a second 12-episode season. According to Krebsdaily, we might witness Tokyo Raven Season 2 in 2023 if there is a restoration. In any event, the chances are slim, and reestablishment must come first. Until then, we enthusiastically propose that you watch comparable animes such as Noragami and The God of High School. When new information becomes available, we will update this story.

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