Train To Busan 3 is the third installment in the franchise. Peninsula 2020 has recently grown.

Train To Busan 3


Train To Busan 3 Updates: The Train To Busan film franchise has expanded with the release of 2020’s Peninsula, but will there be a Train To Busan 3?

The Train To Busan franchise is one of the most well-known zombie film franchises of all time. Many people are asking if Train To Busan will be created and, if so, when it would be released, following the debut of Train To Busan 2: Peninsula. Here’s all we know about Train To Busan 3 thus far.

Train to Busan and Zombie titles

Because of predictable stories and stereotyped representations of the undead, zombie movies have grown in popularity in recent years.

As soon as the zombie epidemic happens, Train To Busan takes place nearly completely on a train. While a man struggles to protect his daughter from the undead, people on the other train car begin to believe that there is no way out.

Train To Busan 3

Train To Busan 2: The Prequel, is a prequel film to the original.

Peninsula takes place four years after the events of the first film. The whole southern Korean peninsula has been invaded by zombies, but the rest of the world appears to be unaffected.

Train To Busan 3 Release Date

As of November 2nd, 2020, *no news on whether or not a Train To Busan 3 will be made*. However, it’s quite plausible due to the success of the prior films.

If the third Train to Busan film is made, it will not be released in cinemas or on VOD for at least two years.

This is often backed up by the current situation of COVID-19 filming restrictions in Korea, as well as the length of time it took to complete Train To Busan 2: Peninsula.

Story Details

Train To Busan 2: Peninsula was published on VOD in October 2020, and indicated that the famed train from the first film would not be returning. Instead, it is set four years later, with an entirely different cast and plot.

Because of the sequel’s significant discovery that every other country appears to be unharmed by the zombie apocalypse, Train To Busan 3 may go the road of revealing the truth behind the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse.

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